Guru Announces Answers-a generative AI enhancement

With Answers, users will be able to connect Guru to their company’s apps and find information instantly


Guru, the AI-powered solution that gives teams a single source of truth for company knowledge, today revealed Answers—a generative AI enhancement that will enable teams to search across their company’s apps and access information instantly. With Answers, users can ask a question in Guru and get a direct answer in easy-to-understand language, alongside a list of sources. And when Answers is used with Guru’s other AI capabilities, it can transform the way teams manage knowledge and increase productivity company-wide.

Users will be able to ask a question with Answers and get a result that’s sourced from a document, messaging tool, or any app that has been connected to Guru. Then, they can quickly document that information in Guru with Assist—an AI enhancement that can create and summarize content. Once that information is in Guru, it can be verified and continually improved by experts, so teammates know they can trust it.

With these updates teams can discover, create, and improve knowledge effortlessly in one easy-to-use product, allowing them to spend less time manually documenting and searching for knowledge, and more time leveraging that knowledge to drive business outcomes.

AI will change the way companies manage knowledge,” said Rick Nucci, founder and CEO at Guru. “In today’s workplace information is siloed, files are scattered, and sources are often untrustworthy. Searching for knowledge in that type of environment is a productivity killer. But with Answers, teams can find the information they need in an instant. And when they use it with Guru’s existing capabilities, they’ll unlock new ways to manage knowledge, only recently made possible by AI. I can’t wait to see what our customers achieve.”

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