Fountain Launches ‘Fountain Protect’ to Empower Employers

Leading cloud recruitment platform launches security features enabling faster hiring and support for global employers.


Fountain, the enterprise high-volume hiring platform, today introduced multi-cloud and Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities to help enterprise employers connect, run, and protect any app in their talent acquisition stack. SSO streamlines the user experience and increases productivity while multi-cloud provides flexibility around redundancy and choice with providers, helping IT and security managers mitigate risk. Both features will add a robust layer of security and agility allowing enterprise organizations to establish resilient performance and global coverage within their virtual cloud infrastructure.

“SSO and multi-cloud allow us to deliver a best-in-class solution to safeguard our customers’ data, empowering enterprise IT and Security professionals with the flexibility to meet a number of business needs for application and infrastructure development and management,” said CEO, Sean Behr.

Fountain’s vision is to simplify the hiring and recruitment process for employers who hire at scale, and to make the candidate experience effortless. Last month Fountain rolled out a suite of features to help accommodate virtual recruiting needs with synchronous video interviewing, resume parsing, universal applicant view, career sites and chatbot. Those features combined with these latest additions to the Fountain platform make Fountain the best enterprise solution for high-volume recruitment and position Fountain to help employers hire for their remote workforce.

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