FlowForma launches talent management remote collaboration bundle


FlowForma has launched a range of Remote Collaboration bundles to help companies rapidly digitize processes and minimize the impact of COVID-19. The company’s no-code approach to business process automation provides a fast fix for ‘keeping the lights on’ and accelerates digital transformation projects, now seen as business critical for organizations because of the pandemic.

Olivia Bushe, CEO, FlowForma, says, “Businesses drowning in paperwork have struggled with enforced home working and need to digitize as quickly as possible. Our new bundles seamlessly connect distributed employees while paving the way for long-term digital transformation. Our new Team Apps also means these remote meetings can be much more productive. We provide process automation software that delivers time and money-saving efficiencies as well as improved governance.”

The bundles combine new and familiar FlowForma features and functionality to deliver immediate business benefits:

  • Enhanced employee collaboration – a new FlowForma Teams App seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams for advanced document sharing, group decision-making, and ‘live’ process development. There is also the option to expand across other groups with FlowForma Collaborate.
  • Improved stakeholder engagement – get closer to customers, clients, and supply chain partners by giving them access to your forms through FlowForma Engage. Encourage stakeholders to seamlessly complete steps within your business processes via a unique and secure web link.
  • Faster decision making – use FlowForma Decision for public and private voting to make informed decisions while remote working. Authorized e-signatures and a fully traceable record ensure security and compliance.

A pioneer in automating processes for organizations without coding or technical expertise, FlowForma has grown a global customer base that is well equipped to work through the pandemic, including a UK further education institute and a community service agency in SingaporeMark Lay, Finance Director at Abingdon & Witney College, says, “Having our processes online with FlowForma meant that when we shifted to working from home because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the students and staff could input to vital emergency processes.”

Lim Pua Meng, IT Manager at Touch Community Services, says, “COVID-19 hit us hard and all our staff have been forced to work from home. We are very glad that digitization has allowed our staff to work from home without any hindrance, thanks to FlowForma.”

FlowForma’s Remote Collaboration bundles feature a select set of COVID-19 themed process accelerators. These accelerators can be easily edited to suit each businesses own requirements as staff prepare to return to the workplace, including Pre-return to Work Forms, Employee Wellness Assessments, and a Contact Tracing Log. FlowForma is available for a 14-day free trial.

Supporting Resources:

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