CultivatePeople Launches Equity-Minded Compensation Software


CultivatePeople has launched a global compensation software for companies to pay their employees fairly and competitively against the market. The new software, Kamsa (Korean for “appreciation”), uses machine learning to help organizations manage employee pay, close pay gaps, and establish equal pay for equal work.

CEO and Founder Lola Han, formerly head of compensation at Zendesk, dedicated her career to employee compensation and has advised over 100 companies. Learning from pain points, she and her team developed Kamsa to make compensation painless for organizations.

“From planning and budgeting to processing pay increases, Kamsa guides clients through the complete compensation review process,” Han said. “This significantly reduces manual work and errors that commonly arise with using spreadsheets. Kamsa uses machine learning to match employees’ jobs to the market, so employers can compare their pay to similar roles, seamlessly.”

CultivatePeople is launching Kamsa now because companies need tools to bring equality to the workplace. “Ensuring equality in the workplace is vital and regular evaluation of compensation can help companies move towards that objective,” said Han.

Kamsa provides real-time global market compensation data, allowing leaders to make data-driven pay decisions that establish consistent compensation structures and ranges, reducing bias. Kamsa allows companies to save time and money by budgeting for and conducting compensation reviews 5 times faster than traditional ways.

Companies can also use Kamsa to be more transparent with employees by providing career paths and growth opportunities. “Kamsa’s guided process, alongside our expert compensation consultants, provides clients with a unique and intuitive experience,” said Han.

With recent desire for remote work and anticipated post-pandemic hiring, Kamsa helps companies evaluate employee compensation to align with the new landscape. It helps companies maintain a competitive advantage by ensuring they have a comprehensive compensation strategy that attracts and retains top talent.


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