Eightfold.ai and Udemy collaborate to deliver on the Talent Exchange platform

Eightfold.ai and Udemy announce collaboration for the purpose of offering courses as well as job opportunities to the customers that make use of the Talent Exchange platform.

The hrtech news arena had featured the Talent Exchange platform for its launch in April. This platform makes use of matching algorithms of Eightfold to serve the purpose of connecting users, more precisely, workers and employees that have been displaced as a result of the global outbreak of COVID-19, to the organizations that are currently hiring and looking at filling open roles. The hope of Eightfold behind this collaboration is that these courses will provide users with the necessary and required skills to help them qualify for the job of their choice.

The platform of Talent Exchange is an industry-supported marketplace that functions to facilitate hiring. This solution acts as a connecting point between companies that have an immediate need for hiring quickly as well as others with employees and workers that have been laid off or furloughed. This platform has the backing of McKinsey & Company, along with partners and participating organizations that represent trades and industries which include the Retail Council of Canada, the Food Industry Association, Walmart, Macy’s, Instacart, and Lowe’s.

The company stated that the users who sign up for the Talent Exchange platform will have the availability of over 700 courses, and for free of costs.

The platform of Eightfold makes use of deep learning for matching employees and roles based on the skills, experiences, preferred jobs, and locations. Now that this collaboration is put to motion, the company will be able to leverage the courses added to the mix by Udemy and direct the employees towards courses that will act as a support to their ambitions and goals.

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