Deltapath Announces Teams Gateway For Working From Anywhere

Deltapath, a Unified Communications company, specializing in revolutionizing the way organizations and people communicate, today announced the release of its Teams Gateway. The Deltapath Teams Gateway helps you satisfy your business goals without unnecessary spending by bridging your existing PSTN phone lines and PBX phone system to extend PSTN calling in Microsoft Teams.

Deltapath Teams Gateway makes it possible for businesses that use Microsoft Teams to now add phone service without breaking the bank. By using your current telephone system, you bypass the cost of additional phone service plans and protect your existing audio endpoint and video endpoint investments. Beyond preserving your existing investments and cutting costs, Deltapath Teams Gateway improves customer experience and empowers employees with the right tools.

Use any device the MS Teams app is installed on to place and receive calls whether it be your desk phone, desktop computer, or mobile phone, ensuring your employees never miss an important call again.

“Most businesses have moved to completely remote or semi-remote operations and in doing so have rolled out robust communication solutions like Microsoft Teams. Our gateway connects the Teams app to your existing phone provider making it a budget-friendly and seamless transition,” said David Liu, CEO and founder of Deltapath. “Most importantly, Deltapath Teams Gateway maximizes your employee’s accessibility and ease of access so they can provide the best customer experience possible.”

Using Deltapath Teams Gateway with Microsoft Teams offers next-level convenience to your employees by ensuring they have the tools and capability to be productive with ease so they can efficiently reach out to and engage with customers, prospects, and internal team members.

Providers of telephony services or Microsoft Office 356 services to businesses who are interested in becoming part of the Deltapath partner network should visit Deltapath at for more details.

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