Crain’s 2020 Notable Leaders in HR Recognizes Co-Founder & CEO of Hunt Club

talent management
talent management

Cromydas is among Chicago’s most notable leaders in the HR Industry for shaping his organization as well as the path forward for others

Nick Cromydas, Co-Founder & CEO of Hunt Club, has been chosen as one of Chicago’s business leaders named to Crain’s 2020 Notable Leaders in HR list, presented by Crain’s Chicago Business. Crain’s selected Cromydas, who leads the day-to-day operations and strategic responsibilities for Hunt Club, along with other Chicago executives who have made a significant difference in the HR industry by driving innovative solutions in recruiting.

Cromydas has spent the last five years running Hunt Club, a new category of a referral-based recruiting firm helping companies leverage the power of relationships and connections to achieve a better hiring experience. Cromydas is primarily focused on the development of the company’s leadership team, business development, and the overall strategy and vision hrtech news.

Jeff Maters, Managing Director at Network Ventures said that “Nick is a true entrepreneur and an exceptional leader. Nick’s passion for disrupting the recruitment space by leveraging a better way to engage and find the best talent management for your organization is game-changing. Hunt Club has only scraped the surface of what they can do in this space and I am beyond confident in Nick leading this organization and driving tremendous results.”

Crain’s 2020 Notable Leaders in HR represents an impressive cross-section of the Chicago-area business community featuring top executives tasked with recruiting talent during a buoyant economy and keeping the workforce engaged and happy.


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