Collaboration For Talent Management Solution Announced

Legal Innovators

Today, Legal Innovators, an alternative legal services provider that is changing the way the law approaches hiring, pricing, inclusion, and diversity of junior legal talent, and Bechtel Corporation, a global leader in engineering, construction and project management, announced a collaboration. Under the terms of the arrangement, Legal Innovators will provide junior lawyers to assist with the internal legal work performed by Bechtel’s legal department.

The collaboration is being formed amid a changing legal industry, one where the focus has shifted to cost rationalization given the volatility of the market caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Legal Innovators is working with Bechtel on a pilot program, that should it prove successful, over time, can be expanded. Legal Innovators will assist Bechtel by providing trained, big law ready junior attorneys that can work with, and provide leverage to, Bechtel’s more senior in-house lawyers.  Bechtel has also been very clear about its desire to drive systemic progress in the areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and the collaboration with Legal Innovators will enable Bechtel to make even more progress in these areas.

“Legal Innovators offers an innovative solution to address the growing challenges in the legal industry of unsustainable costs associated with junior legal talent, training and integrating that talent, and finally, ensuring that the talent reflects diversity. By collaborating with Legal Innovators, we believe we will be able to enhance our in-house model by gaining access to junior legal talent into our legal department at cost rational rates. The Legal Innovators’ model will assist us in the training, developing, and integrating these legal resources. Identifying high quality lawyers that can be well trained, and introducing them into our culture, at an early stage in their careers is a huge cultural advantage for us and for them, especially insofar as the process may provide an internal pipeline of lawyers that can grow into senior positions, instead of exclusively relying on outside hiring,” said Michael Bailey, General Counsel of Bechtel.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Bechtel, a company universally respected on a global scale, not only for its industry expertise, but for the values it holds. My Co-Founder, and Chairman of our Board, Jonathan Greenblatt, and I often say that it may be impossible to make the right level of progress in our industry without innovation. Employing the same solutions to age old challenges is not allowing us to make the progress everyone would like. We are encouraged to find a partner like Bechtel, with its innovative mindset. Through our model we believe we can deliver to them our talent management solution that should assist them in rationalizing their legal costs, and in driving their long term goals of making structural change in the areas of diversity, equity and inclusion,” said Bryan Parker, CEO of Legal Innovators.

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