bswift Announces New Communication Agency


Leading benefits administration technology company, bswift, is expanding their benefits communication and engagement services for employers delivered through the bswift Communication Agency. The group is investing to optimize the comprehensive suite of communication solutions they offer to help employers enhance their benefits communication strategies and help employees make the right benefits decisions.

71% of companies agree their employees underutilize employee benefits, according to a commissioned study conducted on behalf of bswift by Forrester Consulting. Communicating the value of benefits packages to drive engagement is essential. Effective communication can not only boost satisfaction and engagement, but also help in realizing increased retention rates and productivity. However, many employers struggle to communicate benefits information effectively.

“Employers know benefits are critical to the overall employee value proposition, but clearly communicating that value is the trick,” said Ted Bloomberg, bswift CEO. “HR wears many hats, but communications expert doesn’t have to be one of them. With the bswift Communication Agency, we handle heavy lifting, craft the strategies, and create those clear communications.”

The group offers comprehensive multimedia solutions to help companies develop communication strategies that meet their goals. They manage the communication development process end-to-end, freeing companies to focus on the human side of HR.

“Our strength as an agency comes from the years of experience our team has had creating and delivering communication strategies that work for bswift clients,” said Tanya Mulqueen, bswift Communication Agency Director. “We have an incredible team of strategists, creative writers and designers who transform ideas into engaging solutions that drive action.”

The bswift Communication Agency offers custom omnichannel enrollment and transition communications, microsites, internal marketing campaigns, and video. They also provide solutions to enhance perceived benefits value, improve understanding, and simplify benefits decision-making.

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