Bright Talent, Inc., announces webinar

Part Four of Bright Talent's Rapid Change Management Webinar Series Examines the Quiet Quitting Phenomenon and Helps HR Leaders Be Prepared to Respond

Bright Talent

Bright Talent, Inc., a strategic HR consultancy helping business leaders solve their most vexing people challenges, today announced the webinar titled,“Quiet quitting – is it disengagement or something different?” In this fourth podcast-style, micro-webinar in the company’s rapid change management series, Paul Falcone, former CHRO, bestselling author and workplace leadership expert, will discuss the true meaning behind the term and how HR leaders can prepare and navigate this current wave of change in the workplace. The webinar will be held on November 11, 9:00 – 9:30am PT, and early pre-registration is encouraged at

“My knee jerk reaction the first time I heard the term ‘quiet quitting’ was to dismiss it as another way of saying someone is disengaged, but if you delve deeper into the term, there’s a lot more going on,” said Brenan German, founder and president of Bright Talent. “Since the pandemic, more employees are rethinking their careers and defining clearer work-life boundaries. What does this have to do with quiet quitting? Possibly everything! As HR leaders, we must educate ourselves and be ready to respond to all workplace changes.”

This concise, 30-minute session will help HR leaders understand the key factors behind quiet quitting and unpack what it means in the context of employee engagement. It will provide tangible take-aways to help HR leaders respond effectively while supporting their companies and employees. The webinar will include live audience Q&A.

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