Paycor Debuts COR Leadership Framework

New strategic framework details how organizations can use best practices and technology to empower frontline leaders to build a strong culture of accountability and engagement

Paycor HCM

Paycor HCM, Inc. (“Paycor”) (Nasdaq: PYCR), a leading provider of human capital management (HCM) software, today unveiled the COR Leadership Framework, an innovative program created to aid HR and business leaders with best practices, technology, and tools to transform their frontline managers into effective and efficient leaders that truly develop winning teams. The new playbook, which was developed utilizing Paycor’s proprietary data and decades of research, provides users with the framework they need to make their frontline managers more effective.

The workforce has undergone tumultuous times and the way we work, expectations of work, and definitions of culture have all dramatically changed in the last two years – and are still changing. The one thing that remains the same is that frontline leaders have a disproportionate effect on an employee’s engagement. It is no longer enough for managers to only focus on their team’s achieving company goals. They are now being asked to flex new leadership muscles to engage and motivate employees and because of this, leaders need new tools and information on how to attract and retain their top talent.

These concepts continue to be top of mind for business leaders as concerns of a recession loom and we continue to combat Quiet Quitting and the lasting effects of the Great Resignation. The COR Leadership Model was developed to inspire companies to invest in effective frontline leaders to help attract and retain a premier workforce. According to a report from McKinsey, about 40% of workers are considering quitting their current jobs in the next 3-to-6 months. In a recent survey, Paycor found 25% of employees in the U.S. who resigned over the past six months cited “toxic company culture” as their top reason for leaving. Quick fixes like happy hours, social feeds and only focusing on the end employee will not drive culture change.

Paycor’s COR Leadership Framework will not only provide organizations with the products, features and thought leadership needed to improve their performance, but also the means to evaluate the efficacy of their frontline leaders.

The COR Leadership Framework is built on the understanding that the most effective leaders focus on three key pillars:

  • Coach: Investing in individual employees to help them uncover their career aspirations and ensure they understand their alignment to the company mission and strategic objectives.
  • Optimize: Ensuring employees are meeting team and individual objectives by inspiring personal and team accountability.
  • Retain: Incentivizing employees in a holistic way that makes them feel authentically valued.

“Organizations have long been chasing the ‘holy grail’ of how to engage and motivate employees,” said Raul Villar Jr., Chief Executive Officer of Paycor. “We fundamentally believe that leaders are the one factor that disproportionately impact an organization’s ability to drive employee engagement. Our new COR Leadership Framework allows us to drive product innovation to meet ever changing business needs, while also truly empowering frontline leaders within our customers’ organizations to build winning teams.”

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