Awardco to Host First Rewards & Recognition Summit in Park City, Utah

HR leaders from every industry are expected to attend this premier event featuring new product innovations in rewards & recognition, exclusive networking with industry leaders, and powerful keynote speakers.


Awardco, the leading provider of employee recognition and rewards solutions, today announced the creation of RCGNZ 2024, the first ever summit for the rewards and recognition industry. RCGNZ 2024 will kick-off in Park City, UtahOctober 21-23, 2024. This flagship event is the first of its kind in the employee recognition & rewards space, and promises to be the premier event for HR leaders for years to come.

RCGNZ 2024 is the only employee productivity summit powered by rewards and recognition. This event is dedicated to helping organizations understand the connection between their engagement data and employee productivity—specifically how to leverage strategic rewards and recognition initiatives to take action on their engagement data.

Held in October, RCGNZ 2024 is the culmination of Awardco’s RCGNZ City Tours, where HR leaders met throughout the last year in New YorkLos AngelesHoustonAtlantaNashville, and more to consider the rewards and recognition challenges and opportunities facing them in their respective industries. At RCGNZ Summit 2024, attendees will enjoy exclusive Awardco product insights, networking with HR leaders from around the globe, and thought leadership speaking engagements from clients, subject matter experts, and industry leaders.

“Awardco is the Employee Productivity Platform,” said Steve Sonnenberg, Awardco CEO. “It’s how we can take engagement insights from every corner of an organization and turn them into actionable feedback—it’s the future of employee engagement and productivity at every level. In the ever-changing landscape of work, we’ve never seen a greater need for there to be a way to unify employee needs with organizational goals. Awardco is how organizations do that, and the RCGNZ 2024 is the only event centered on driving organization-wide results powered by rewards and recognition.”

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