6-months licenses offered to organizations by VXL Software to adapt to work-from-home

VXL Software, a global leader in the creation of homeworking, PC desktop repurposing, unified endpoint management, etc. software and supply of thin clients, is now offering a 6-month low-cost software to help companies quickly make the shift to homeworking.

This software is low-maintenance and makes an effortless conversion of desktops, laptops, and home PCs into corporate endpoints which are secure. The lockdown of the world, resultant of the current COVID-19 created situations has made it difficult for organizations to function and resume processes from home securely. Working from home is causing all sorts of issues related to security and management. This shift was unexpected and now is the need of the time.hrtech news

VXL Software is offering help to companies by making a 6-months license available to them, to get through these difficult times with some management. It can easily perform in two virtual environments- Windows and Linux and convert home PCs to corporate endpoints making access to corporate data and application available to the employees while functioning a safe and secure ringfence.

Change is the only permanent thing in life, while this change may be temporary, organizations still need to adapt to it, in order to continue working. To do so, VXL is offering them the license to their product for USD 15 per device. This is a full product that also provides support. The 6-month license will last for the duration of this shutdown and it can be upgraded without additional penalty of price if the customers wish to. The times are tough, but this is how they are going to be for a while for some. VXL is working as normal and is available to its customers on emails, phone calls, and video calls as well for assistance.

Organizations are adapting to changing times and service providers are using technology to support them. It will be interesting to see what the course of such companies will be. Hrtech is ever-evolving and to keep yourself updated with the same stay tuned to hrtech cube. The hrtech cube site will keep you posted about the latest and upcoming trends, products and services.


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