SafetyCulture extends help to all UK businesses work from home

SafetyCulture has an application and platform for safety risk mitigation and quality assurance- iAuditor. This app and platform are available for free to UK companies to support them with their concerns regarding working from home that have come up amidst the Coronavirus crisis.Talent Acquisition

The countries have gone into complete lockdown and citizens are asked to stay at home. This has resulted in rapid changes in the working environment, precisely the arrangements of working from home. The HR teams are finding it difficult to quickly assess risks. This toolkit will help them with that problem.

This app is quite simple to use, all an employee has to do is download the app from the Play Store or App Store then the employee can easily complete the inspection of their home office in minutes.

The HR teams are going to need almost about half an hour to finish setting up the surveys and inspection checklists by having access to a public library of templates of over 100,000. Many of these templates are sanctioned by the leading authorities like the CIPD, CDC, WHO and many others. They have the availability of editable templates specific to the pandemic of Coronavirus and checklists related to working from home. The organizations also have the feature of making their own templates for any purpose.

There is a dashboard of analytics on this platform that shows a visual of the data of inspection taken from the employees, to help the HR teams point out the common challenges faced by the employees. Identifying patterns will help the organizations to cater to the priority challenges identified.

The HR teams are exposed to various genuine questions like- could people develop back pains because of bad seating arrangements, how to integrate work and home-schooling needs of children and if it is leading to employees working too much. As a stress reliever, the companies will have free access to iAuditor.

Organizations are trying their best to adjust to the new settings, but the aid of hrtech is making things easier. Follow hrtech cube to get access to such news and information from the world of hrtech regularly.


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