ADP Canada Happiness@Work Index

The monthly Index for May reports a National Work Happiness Score of 6.7/10, indicating Canadian workers’ happiness is on the rise.


The ADP Canada monthly Happiness@Work Index (“Index”) for May 2023 reveals Gen Zs are bouncing back from their lowest score to date in April. Those located in Alberta, on the contrary, are showing the steepest month-over-month decrease in their Work Happiness Scores.

The National Work Happiness Score for May 2023 is 6.7/10, representing an increase of 0.1 points from April 2023.

“The data for May is showing – for the most part – an upward trend across the board, which is promising to see as we head into the summer months and the second half of the year,” says Heather Haslam, Vice President of Marketing, ADP Canada. “This time of year also presents an opportunity for employers to take a pulse on current employee satisfaction, which can be done through feedback surveys to better understand the needs of their employees and areas for improvement for the remainder of the year.”

May 2023 Happiness@Work Index Highlights

  • National Work Happiness Score: 6.7/10 (+0.1) *
  • Indicator Breakdown
    • Primary Indicator: 6.9/10 (+0.1) *
    • Secondary Indicators:
      • Work-Life Balance and Flexibility: 6.9/10
      • Compensation and Benefits: 6.3/10 (+0.1) *
      • Recognition and Support: 6.7/10 (+0.2) *
      • Options for Career Advancement: 6.1/10 (+0.2) *

The May Index reveals that the primary indicator of worker happiness is at 6.9, an increase from April (6.8/10) and means that 44 per cent of workers in Canada say they feel satisfied with their current role and responsibilities. The top secondary indicators continue to be work-life balance and recognition. Despite compensation & benefits and options for career advancement showing the lowest levels of satisfaction across all secondary indicators, they have improved when compared to April.

The May Index also reveals positive changes for most Canadian workers across generations and regions around their feelings of happiness in the workplace:

National Work Happiness Score: Generational Snapshot

  • Boomers (56-75): 7.2/10 (-0.1) *
  • Gen-Z (18-24): 6.9/10 (+0.5) *
  • Millennials (25-40): 6.8/10 (+0.2) *
  • Gen-X (41-55): 6.5/10

Regional Work Happiness Score Snapshot

  • Québec: 7.0/10 (+0.4) *
  • Atlantic Canada: 7.0/10 (+0.4) *
  • British Columbia: 6.9/10
  • Ontario: 6.6/10
  • Sask/Manitoba: 6.5/10 (+0.4) *
  • Alberta: 6.5/10 (-0.4) *

“While Boomers continue to be the happiest working generation, we are seeing significant improvements with Millennial and Gen Z workers this month. The positive shift is a result of an increase in reported satisfaction with work-life balance and flexibility, which is an area that we continue to see play a critical role for the younger workforce when it comes to workplace happiness and retention,” continues Haslam.

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