7shifts Integrates with Koomi to Help Restaurants Reduce Labor Costs

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7shifts, the leading restaurant employee scheduling and workforce management platform, today announced its integration with Koomi — a 100% cloud-based POS which fully bridges mobile, online and conventional ordering — to empower quick-service and takeaway restaurants with sales performance insights to make efficient, more profitable labor decisions.

The seamless integration combines real-time sales data from Koomi with the scheduling and labor management tools in 7shifts without the need for manual uploads or spreadsheets.

“We are pleased to add Koomi to our growing list of integrated POS partners,” said Jordan Boesch, 7shifts CEO. “Like Koomi, we believe that restaurateurs thrive when they have access to interoperable systems that provide them with the insights they need to reduce costs and increase labor profitability.”

“Koomi and 7Shifts are a great match in giving our quick-service customers the ability to forecast and manage appropriate staff requirements, which is one of the largest problems for quick-service restaurants today’’. Says Kevin Conabree, Koomi’s CEO. ‘’Any scheduling or staff issues can now be optimized so restaurants can focus on serving customers faster than ever.”

Restaurateurs that use 7shifts or Koomi together in their operation can leverage this new integration in order to:

  • Forecast future sales with 95% accuracy: Using 7shifts proprietary forecasting algorithm, restaurants can accurately forecast their future sales using historical data from their Koomi POS.
  • Eliminate over and overstaffing: Plot data from your Koomi POS directly in your 7shifts staff schedule to create labor-perfect, optimal schedules that respect your staff’s availability.
  • Reduce labor costs by up to 3% of total sales: View your sales data in real-time to check variance and make profitability business decisions that reduce costs and elevate restaurant profitability.

For restaurants looking for an integrated labor management solution, see here to learn more about 7shifts and Koomi.


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