Zenarate launches next gen of their personalized AI Coach platform

Zenerate's curated AI Coach Platform removes the guesswork in attaining skill proficiency by arming agents with unprecedented learning journeys and targeted simulation training in a single interface


Zenarate, a leading SaaS provider of AI-powered skill-based learning and development for customer-facing agents, today announced the next generation of their personalized AI Coach platform. With the industry’s first full lifecycle platform powered by AI skill-based simulation, new and tenured agents receive personalized learning journeys with simulation training and gamification, real-time performance feedback, and the ability to track their skill-building progress.

Take a tour of the new experience: https://www.zenarate.com/lp/AI-Coach-Tour-Video/

Zenarate’s approach to developing confident, top-performing customer-facing agents is rooted in its unique intent and skill-based methodology for developing conversation proficiency. Drawing from millions of simulation training hours and expertise from leading global brands, Zenerate has built an agent learning experience that curates an individual’s learning journey to their personal needs, guides them through life-like immersive practice scenarios, and produces performance insights to certify skill proficiency for delivering consistently superior customer experiences and performance.

To capture the complete agent learning and development experience, Zenarate has extended its leading AI Simulation Training into analyzing live calls in a way that no other provider has ever done before- by scoring agents against the same call skills they were trained on, and creating automated agent development plans with personalized learning journeys and hyper-targeted simulation coaching for continuous improvement. Beyond continuous agent development, leaders gain visibility into the content of customer calls, providing trend analysis and a clear view into the voice of the customer.

“Zenarate is committed to developing the best-performing customer-facing workforces through AI-powered skill-based learning and development,” said Brian Tuite, CEO and Co-Founder of Zenarate. “Zenarate provides a customized learning experience platform for each client, where agents master their company’s unique skills, compliance requirements, and overall brand experience.”

Hundreds of global enterprises trust Zenarate AI Coach to develop confident, top-performing customer-facing teams. As the leader in AI Simulation Training, Zenarate’s training methodology develops agents on each client’s unique skills, compliance requirements, and overall brand experiences through personalized learning paths that include roleplay in life-like conversation and screen simulations before they engage with live customers. Through Zenarate AI Coach call analysis, contact center and training leaders can assess if agents are deploying call skills they were trained on, quickly see skill gaps, deliver automated agent development plans with personalized learning journeys and targeted simulation coaching, and view call skill and KPI performance dashboards showing agent improvement from their learning experience.

Unlike pre-programmed keyword-based simulation training, where agents learn through scripts and keyword memorization, Zenarate has developed proprietary Natural Language Understanding (NLU) models to guide, coach, and score agents on nuanced best & required practices and soft skills like empathy and active listening, helping agents apply skills in their own words and feel confident in the messages they are delivering.

Key highlights of Zenarate’s AI-powered Skill Based Platform include:

  • Curated Experience: Agents sign into their AI Coach and are guided and coached through a skill-building continuous improvement learning journey based on individual needs.
  • Focus on Skills… Not Scripts: Skill improvement uses intent-based AI Simulation Training, not keywords or scripting, allowing agents to develop authentic communication skills in their own words rather than memorization.
  • Rich Visual Dashboards & Reporting: Leaders, coaches, trainers, and agents have simple, clear visibility into each agent’s skill development progress throughout their learning journey.
  • Gamification: Agent activity and performance is recognized through gamification, rewarding agents for their training activity and skill development.

Through AI Coach’s full life-cycle learning and development platform, agents enter into a personalized, immersive skill development journey, guided and coached by AI-driven insights and life-like experiences. The Zenarate AI Coach platform is transforming how contact center and training leaders train and develop top-performing customer-facing teams.

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