Macorva launched AI-generated performance review workflow tool

As 76% of HR leaders plan to adopt AI solutions in the next 12-24 months, Macorva's AI Performance Management Workflow offers a responsible approach, streamlining the creation of employee documents and enhancing risk analysis.


Macorva, a leading provider of employee experience and performance management solutions, today announced the launch of its advanced AI-generated performance review workflow tool. Designed to meet the critical needs of HR leaders and managers, this innovative solution streamlines the performance review process, ensuring time savings, improved efficiency, fairness, and consistency across the organization.

“Performance reviews are often time-consuming and stressful for both managers and employees,” said Nathan Childress, PhD, CEO of Macorva. “Our AI-powered tool addresses these challenges head-on, providing a streamlined, efficient, and unbiased approach to performance management. By using the Macorva platform, our customers in the mid-market and above space are seeing over 30x ROI due to the increased productivity and engagement.”

With the majority of HR leaders seeking to implement AI solutions within the next 12-24 months, Macorva’s technology empowers organizations to elevate HR from a reactive function to a strategic driver. AI-powered insights and the generation of performance-related resources enhance productivity while fueling the data-driven decision-making vital to organizational success.

Research shows that Macorva’s AI tool can save each manager an average of 2 hours during the performance review process. Not only does it increase efficiency, but it also elevates the quality of reviews. By leveraging AI, the tool generates first drafts that are well-written, backed by data, and aligned with company objectives and individual development needs.

Recognizing the concerns HR leaders have regarding the potential misuse of generative AI, Macorva’s workflow is specifically designed to mitigate these risks and ensure responsible AI implementation. Managers are guided through a well-defined process that encourages thoughtful review and editing of AI-generated content. This ensures that the final performance review accurately reflects the manager’s assessment and aligns with their coaching style.

Macorva’s AI-generated performance review workflow tool offers a range of features and benefits, including:

  • Guided Workflow for Responsible AI Use: The tool leads managers through a structured process, prompting them to provide input, review AI-generated drafts, and make necessary edits. This ensures proper utilization of AI and maintains the manager’s role in the evaluation process.
  • Radiant AI® Risk Analysis: This unique feature goes beyond simply flagging potential bias. It delves deeper by categorizing risks, providing specific feedback to managers, and assigning risk scores to each review. This ensures that reviews are not only fair but also defensible, mitigating potential issues and promoting a more transparent and equitable review process.
  • Data-driven Insights and Development: The tool integrates with various data sources, including employee engagement data, LMS resources, company goals, and 360-degree feedback, to provide a holistic view of employee performance. This data is not only used to inform reviews but also to generate personalized development plans, ensuring that employee growth is aligned with both individual needs and company objectives.
  • Customization and Automation: HR can tailor templates for manager notes and performance reviews to align with company culture and specific needs. Automated notifications and reminders keep the process on track and ensure timely completion.
  • Enhanced Employee Development: AI-generated development plans, OKRs, and SMART goals help employees grow and achieve their full potential.
  • Increased Employee Engagement: High-quality performance reviews that are fair, accurate, and provide constructive feedback contribute significantly to employee engagement and motivation.

Macorva’s AI-powered performance review workflow tool is part of the company’s comprehensive suite of employee, customer, and manager experience solutions. The platform also includes:

  • Macorva EX: Leverages AI to provide personalized engagement reports, scalable 360 degree feedback, benchmark results, and actionable coaching insights.
  • Macorva CX: Utilizes AI to generate adaptive surveys, insightful dashboards, and automated reports, enabling organizations to gather and act on customer feedback effectively.
  • Macorva MX: Listens and learns from your data to generate unbiased performance reviews, individualized development plans, and goals that align with company objectives to save managers’ time.

With its innovative AI-powered solutions, Macorva is transforming the way organizations manage performance, engage employees, and improve customer experiences.

For more information about Macorva’s AI Performance Management Solution, read the feature overview or watch this explainer video.

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