Quantum Workplace unveils AI-Powered Action Planning

Innovative features within the Quantum Workplace platform eliminate ineffective action planning with simple, strategic, and secure tools.

Action Planning

AI-Powered Action Planning, announced by Quantum Workplace, transforms how organizations respond to employee feedback—making it easy to take action and boost engagement. Quantum Workplace is a leading employee success platform and the employee engagement partner for the nationally recognized Best Places to Work Contests

AI-Powered Action Planning enhances Quantum Workplace’s AI solutions and engagement offering, combining simplicity, strategic insights, and rapid execution – all in one platform. This solution serves as a pathway to organizational improvement by providing a clear, step-by-step approach to Action Planning with easy-to-use tools guided by best practices and our in-house experts. 

“Insights without action is just trivia,” CEO Greg Harris said. “As leaders, we’re driving the organization to success and that requires a consistent and relentless posture toward action. AI technology helps us take strategic moves that drive employee success.” 

The Action Planning solution streamlines the survey response process to enhance impact across the organization. These tools offer AI-powered, expert-informed insights and recommendations enabling managers and teams to quickly implement effective action plans that don’t require extensive training from HR. 

“To truly move the needle, you need managers to take action on their team’s survey results. But managers aren’t engagement experts and they’re strapped for time,” Chief Product Officer Phil Haussler said. “Expert-informed AI helps you simplify the process so teams can quickly move from insights to action. AI can use a team’s unique context to help a manager quickly and easily build an action plan tailored for their team.” 

The solution includes features designed to eliminate ineffective post-survey action promoting the success of engagement initiatives. 

Intuitive reports, in-app walkthroughs and recommended focus areas cut down on ramp time for managers and teams.  

Expert-informed, AI-powered team discussion starters and ideas are tailored to unique team needs, addressing the challenge of initiating actions based on survey results. 

Analytics and nudging capabilities encourage speed to completion, as delays in action can affect engagement and the retention of top performers.  

Organization-wide focus areas can be assigned across team action plans, promoting alignment with strategic initiatives. 

Quantum Workplace is committed to innovation, quality, and security. The platform is hosted on a trusted cloud service provider, ensuring customer data is protected.  

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About Quantum Workplace

Quantum Workplace helps organizations make work better every day by creating a culture of employee success. Our employee success platform empowers organizations to understand employee experience, inspire employee impact, and create a magnetic culture that attracts and retains top talent. Solutions include employee surveys, 1-on-1s, goals, recognition, feedback, talent reviews, succession planning, and the nationally renowned Best Places to Work contest. We’ve partnered with thousands of top workplaces on their employee success strategies including Fossil, Getty Images, FORVIS, AtriCure, and more.

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