Wrike Introduces New Vertical Solutions and Advanced Analytics Tool

Offerings Help Drive Alignment, Prevent Burnout, and Better Connect Activity to Results

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Wrike, the most versatile collaborative work management platform, unveiled Wrike Analyze, Wrike for Professional Services, Wrike for Professional Services Performance, and Wrike for Marketers Performance today at Collaborate, the company’s annual user conference. These offerings address the growing demand for end-to-end work management solutions that measure the impact of effort and cater to specific use cases.

“Organizations are drowning in an ever-increasing amount of digital work, and need new ways to gain visibility into their operations, focus on the most important work, and increase their business velocity,” said Wrike Founder and CEO Andrew Filev. “Wrike Analyze will make it possible to connect projects and workflows to business KPIs, so leadership and individual contributors alike can derive insights in real-time and allocate resources to activities with the highest ROI. These new capabilities fuel the next generation of work management solutions that we are launching for high-performance marketing and professional services organizations, enabling them to drive more growth for their businesses.”

Today’s announcements include:

Wrike Analyze is advanced analytics and reporting add-on that improves visibility into and management of portfolios, projects, and unique business KPIs. The tool is both powerful and accessible for business users. It comes with pre-built dashboard templates, including project portfolio, project status, and productivity analysis overviews, for quick report creation, as well as a wide range of widgets, filters, and options to enable organizations to visualize data in the way that works best for individual use cases. Once created, custom interactive dashboards and reports can be easily shared with internal and external stakeholders.

Wrike for Professional Services helps organizations increase on-time project delivery, profit margin, and client satisfaction by providing visibility into all stages of a project life cycle, empowering them to optimize resource utilization and automate repeatable processes. This solution enables organizations to meet increasing demands, while simultaneously scaling the business. Wrike for Professional Services includes all of the core Wrike platform features, as well as:

  • Advanced Resource Management with intuitive Workload Charts, featuring drag-and-drop resource allocation, flexible grouping and zooming, and role-based resource scheduling.
  • Easy Time Tracking with centralized timesheets, allowing teams to track billable and non-billable hours.

For more advanced professional services teams and organizations, Wrike will soon offer Wrike for Professional Services Performance, which provides:

  • Out-of-box performance analytics for quick insights into key performance metrics to ensure projects are on time and within budget, customizable reporting and dashboards, and easy report sharing with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Seamless integrations with CRM solutions, such as Salesforce, to sync key client data between the CRM and Wrike, and to automate workflows, such as project scoping and project kick-off, by turning opportunities from Salesforce into new Wrike projects.
  • Seamless integrations with financial solutions, like NetSuite, to automate revenue recognition, billing, and client invoice creation.

Wrike has expanded its widely popular Wrike for Marketers solution with new core features, including:

  • Improved campaign management and creative production with portfolio project management to monitor and manage programs and production by date, progress, and user-defined project metrics.
  • New campaign and assets approvals for tighter control, greater accountability, and fewer bottlenecks with powerful automation for creating sequential reviews and review templates.
  • Wrike Publish now integrates with Bynder to improve digital asset management from creation to launch and protect brand identity across all campaigns and channels.
  • Wrike Proof now offers a side-by-side comparison of files to ensure feedback has been addressed, image and document rotation to review files from the correct perspective, and overlay comparison to quickly compare two versions of a file with a slider.

The company also announced Wrike for Marketers Performance today, which has everything marketing teams need to unify the entire department across priorities and processes, supercharging the full work life cycle. It enables teams to focus on the most effective activities to create high quality, consistent brand experiences globally, at speed and scale. In addition to all of the core Wrike for Marketers features, the Performance solution includes fully customizable:

  • Performance-driven campaign management, enabling teams to focus efforts on the campaigns delivering the highest return on investment with greater visibility across all marketing activities and performance data that is in sync with the entire AdTech or MarTech stack.
  • Agile Creative Production, providing creative teams and production managers unparalleled efficiency and visibility through automation that eases administrative overhead during sprint planning cycles and powerful analytics for building burndown charts to closely monitor sprint performance.
  • Advanced analytics and reporting that provides the big picture of marketing’s impact and effectiveness at-a-glance with a high-level performance overview. The solution comes with a pre-built Campaign Management dashboard and configurable views with graphs, charts, and tables that can be customized to create dashboards and reports for unique business needs and KPIs.
  • Advanced automation and integration engine to automate end-to-end workflows and integrate key data across teams and applications. The solution comes with a pre-built Campaign Management integration workflows and countless other workflows can be configured without developer input or support from IT.

“Organizations of all sizes are creating their digital journey from analog, siloed work to a connected, collaborative workforce. With this comes the challenge of measuring the impact across people, processes, and technologies,” said IDC Research Director for Social, Communities, and Collaboration, Wayne Kurtzman. “Implementing a platform that integrates your core IT tech, supports collaboration, becomes the single source of truth from planning to execution, and provides meaningful reporting is still rare, but necessary.”

This announcement underscores the company’s commitment to developing a platform and a suite of tools that help organizations work more effectively, become more agile, and not only achieve desired outcomes, but analyze efforts against results to calculate return on initiatives in real-time.

“We’ve spent more than a decade building the most versatile collaborative work management platform available and today’s announcements not only illustrate that versatility but also mark a big step forward in the depth and variety of use cases that the Wrike platform supports,” added Filev.

Wrike Analyze will be available for Business, Enterprise, Wrike for Marketers, and Wrike for Professional Services customers as an add-on feature in Q4 2019.

Wrike for Professional Services is available today and Wrike for Professional Services Performance will be available in Q4 2019. For more information about Wrike for Professional Services Performance, please visit https://www.wrike.com/professional-services-management/.

The new Wrike for Marketer’s features are available today and Wrike for Marketers Performance will be available in Q4 2019. For more information about Wrike for Marketers and Wrike for Marketers Performance, please visit https://www.wrike.com/marketing-project-management/.


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