Workplace Management Platform Maptician Flex™ to Reopen Offices

Intradiem, Builders Insurance and Right Networks Utilize Maptician’s Workplace Management Platform to Plan the Reopening of Offices and Support a more Flexible Use of Space

Workplace Management

As states navigate through the phased easing of restrictions set in place due to COVID-19, businesses across the country are planning their approach to reopen offices while factoring in a more remote-capable workforce. To streamline the process, Intradiem, Builders Insurance, and Right Networks, are a few of the companies with Atlanta area offices that have recently selected Maptician and its Maptician Flex™ software to help assess, plan and, as conditions and corporate policy allow, implement a safety-focused return to their offices.

Maptician Flex provides a highly visual approach that helps organizations assess social distancing risks within their offices, plan a return strategy that supports the needs and timelines of each of their locations, offers employees a mobile app to view the changes made, and gives employers the tools to operate more safely.

“As we began the discussions around when and how to reopen our office, it was critical that we did so in a smart and strategic manner,” shares Matt McConnell, CEO of Intradiem. “The health and wellbeing of our employees is our number one priority, and we want to make sure we are confident in our game plan prior to making any decisions around the timing of our reopening. Maptician’s technology enables us to make the necessary adjustments inside the building, provides the communication tools to keep employees informed and gives us a platform we can use to reimagine our office and how we will use it in the future, post-COVID.”

Flexible, Employee-Focused, Return Planning

Given the varied conditions across the country, Maptician supports a variety of return strategies, including the ability to allow employees to return to their own pre-COVID seating locations through the use of socially distanced seating groups, scheduled in a way to limit office occupancy to a targeted maximum. Maptician also supports a “hoteling only” approach where employees make reservations from their mobile phone or computer into socially distanced seats.

Beyond the planning and employee communication capabilities, Maptician Flex provides a foundation for safety-conscious, ongoing operations. This includes integrated Self-Attestation capabilities, date-based Contact Tracing, and instant designation of hoteling or reservable seats and streamlined administration.

The Future of Office Space

As the world continues to navigate the unprecedented impact of COVID-19, businesses across the U.S. are planning their approach to reopen offices and lay the foundation for a more flexible use of their space to realize cost savings and provide an improved work environment for employees.

“The lockdowns related to the COVID-19 pandemic forced organizations to hone new remote work capabilities that would have otherwise taken them years to develop. Leaders we speak with, across the board, see a clear imperative to turn this into tangible value; using their office space in a more effective, purposeful way. While cost savings are clearly in play, many leaders also see this as an opportunity to create a less crowded and more inviting work environment, which they believe, when combined with flexible working options, will have a substantial impact on employee engagement and recruitment,” says John Wichmann, co-founder and COO of Maptician. “We appreciate Intradiem, Builders Insurance and Right Network for trusting us as their workplace management solution, supporting their return-to-office needs as well as planning for their future use of real estate.”

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