Wiley Reimagines Tuition Benefits for Today’s Workforce

Wiley Beyond Takes a Fresh Approach to Tuition Assistance Programs Aiming to Increase Talent Mobility and Close the Skills Gap for Employees

John Wiley and Sons

Wiley Education Services, part of John Wiley and Sons Inc. (NYSE: JWA) (NYSE: JWB), today announced the launch of Wiley Beyond, a new employee benefits solution to help forward-thinking organizations close skills gaps within their organizations and increase talent mobility with the power of learning.

Wiley Beyond provides a platform through which employees can earn degrees or advanced certification, with support from their employer in the form of tuition reimbursement. Wiley Beyond works with employers to execute tuition assistance programs that help attract talent and boost retention, as well as build a more inclusive talent pipeline, remove barriers to talent mobility, and create equitable pathways to development and advancement.

“Today, learning looks much different than a traditional four-year degree, and employers are playing a major role in providing avenues for working adults to pursue higher education – whether through degrees, bootcamps or stackable credentials,” said Todd Zipper, President of Wiley Education Services. “With Wiley Beyond, we are enabling employers to launch better tuition assistance programs that work hard for both the learner’s aspirations and the organization’s needs.”

Wiley Beyond provides a multi-tiered approach to tuition benefits that serves the employer and employee – offering personalized and dedicated support and resources; a user-friendly portal that connects students with potential programs and universities and allows employers to track usage of programs; and a curated network of over 30 learning partners to provide high-quality, low-cost degree and certificate programs.

Wiley will be among the first companies to adopt Wiley Beyond’s tuition benefits solution globally early next year. As the company welcomes the future of work, Wiley will leverage new learning and development capabilities to help colleagues succeed and advance in their careers.

“Learning opportunities are often among the top reasons we find satisfaction in our career,” said Danielle McMahan, Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer, Wiley. “While we explore what the future of work looks like for Wiley colleagues, learning and development tools, like Wiley Beyond, allow us to continue building an agile, empowered colleague culture fueled by the same powerful digital learning content and solutions we offer our customers.”

As COVID-19 changes the future of work, learning solutions, like Wiley Beyond, are important to not only train employees for emerging talent needs, but ensure overall employee retention and satisfaction as well. According to LinkedIn’s 2019 Workforce Learning Report, 94 percent of employees say they would stay at a company longer if it invested in helping them learn.

The launch of Wiley Beyond reinforces Wiley’s mission to bridge the gap from college to career through outcome-driven online education, job training and placement. For more information on Wiley Beyond, please visit beyond.wiley.com.

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