Whistle Transforms Employee Payments and Budgets with New Product


Whistle, the leading Employee Loyalty platform, announced today the launch of Whistle Payments, a patent pending technology giving people managers a new set of tools to manage employee payments and budgets, while eliminating the hidden fees and waste in the current gift card and incentive payment industry.

“In a hyper competitive work environment, companies are looking for new ways to improve Employee Loyalty. Giving managers an easy way to buy a remote team member lunch, set up a recurring wellness budget, or just send an ad-hoc bonus payment when someone is going through a stressful experience – these are all powerful mechanisms to help people feel more engaged in their work experience, “said Drew Carter, CEO and Co-founder of Whistle. “This is a win for employees and businesses alike because it makes the administration of employee budgets for meals, travel, bonuses, and wellness programs easy to manage, saving both time and money.”

Whistle payment accounts can be set up in minutes allowing people managers to immediately start having impact with their teams. Whistle payments makes it easy to:

  • Instantly send payments to employees through virtual and physical cards that integrate seamlessly with mobile wallets.
  • Set up recurring employee budgets to support individual needs for wellness, learning and other employee programs.
  • Create temporary budgets for travel or ad-hoc expenses that can only be used for appropriate spending categories.
  • Analyze spending data to gain new insights to drive better business outcomes.
  • Integrate incentive payments with other employee programs like learning, social advocacy or culture building.
  • Reduce administrative and accounting headaches through an intuitive and easy-to-manage platform.
  • Send payments through existing company communication tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack

“Companies are struggling with employee loyalty and Whistle Payments is one of the tools we have built that can immediately impact business outcomes such as retention,” said Andrew Hrdlicka Whistle Payments Lead and company co-founder. “It’s pretty clear from our research that current tools and traditional engagement strategies are not working – in part because most companies are all using the same outdated tools. Whistle is a modern tool for modern times.”

Over the past few months several Whistle clients started pilots with Whistle Payments, including Room Ready, a leading AV technology and services company who gave 100 people in the organization $100 each to donate to their favorite not-for-profit so each employee could impact the cause they care most about. “Instead of a big check for one organization, our company contributed to 53 different organizations across the region. And because we have real time access to the spending data, we are aligning more of our community giving efforts to support what our employees care most about.” Said Aaron McArdle, CEO of Room Ready “In a matter of days Whistle has transformed how we think about supporting our employees and community. It’s a win for our employees, company and community.”

Whistle Payments is already attracting media attention and was recently named by CIO Review as one of the 10 most promising payment solution providers of 2022.

For more information about Whistle and how companies are using Employee Payments, go to www.wewhistle.com or contact media@wewhistle.com. Sign up for free at app.wewhistle.com/setup.

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