Top Five Must-have Remote work tools for productive employees

Employees who want to be happy and productive while working remotely need tech assistance—employers who have understood that are using some best-in-class tools.

Top Five Must-have Remote work

Before we understand the tools for engaged employees, we must first understand what impacts productivity? What are some deciding factors if the employee matches their input and output rates?

Productivity can be affect Employees are an asset for company growth and investing in such tools nurtures employee loyaltyed by work environment, training & career development opportunities, HR processes, pay structure, overall wellness, and tech advancements. With so many factors impacting how employees stay productive, it can be overwhelming to track it.

But we have curated a list of the top five must-have tools for remotely working employees that can visibly change your employee performance.

1. Slack

Communication gaps can create misunderstandings, delays, and even mistrust. Employers should focus on instilling employee communication tools with a hybrid working model.Slack is one fantastic tool for the same!

Internal communication in your organization plays a crucial role in your business development. Employees are up-to-date with team availability. It notifies them with messages, meetings, or reminders. They can create different groups to segregate tasks.

Slack offers secure integration with other apps as well. Working from home becomes easy once you use all the Slack’s feature offerings!

2. Namely

Namely is an HRMS software that started back in 2012. Its onboarding solutions can collect a wide range of data like new hire forms and eSignatures. Employers can automate onboarding tasks while using other features in the software.

Namely payroll management and employee benefits service makes it simple for employers to pay their employees on time. It puts the administrative burden off the management’s shoulders by importing employee hours, entering payroll adjustments, verifying wages/employment, and managing system configurations.

Namely helps create a workforce that connects, engages, and develops while working from home.

3. Microsoft Office 365

A power-packed package of Microsoft Office 365 takes employee collaboration to the next level. It establishes a digital space for conversation and creativity to thrive.

Few features that make it stand out from other tools are channel and team formation and a chat feature to communicate while using the products. With a user-friendly interface, teams and groups of people can work on their projects, productions, and other business elements. Screen sharing and collaboration become effortless.

Microsoft Teams is a part of Office 365. So, any Office user benefits from this collaboration tool.

4. Instagantt

When it’s about planning, organizing, and completing a project within given time limits, WFH employees should be able to contribute fairly. Instagantt is a robust project management platform ensuring the assignments go on time, on budget, and within scope.

It has different features such as creating tasks and subtasks. Users will find templates for different baselines, projects, milestones, and guidelines for making aesthetic assignments. It gives them an overview of all projects at the same time with its automatic project scheduling feature.

Instagantt is the one to choose if you want a pro approach to project management.


Ideas come to you from the most unusual spots. Nothing like it if you can grab information when you need it from one place.

Evernote is the best note-taking tool on the market. It captures and organizes essential information regardless of the website you are browsing. You can clip articles from the web and make separate folders of your PDFs, photos, links, and even your handwritten thoughts under one single tool.

It also integrates with other tools such as Google Drive, Outlook, Salesforce, and Slack. So that your employees can brainstorm effectively and execute the ideas into reality.

Wrapping Up

Remote Working can be challenging. But with a little help from tech, employees can excel in their given job roles. Apart from these tools, employee wellness tools like Asana are also recommended for employee mental health.

Employees are an asset for company growth and investing in such tools nurtures employee loyalty!


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