Top Tools for Effective Team Collaboration

Workplace collaboration is the shoulder on which major successes rest. Below we've cherry-picked tools that aim to make collaborations agile and effective!

Team Collaboration

We all know the famous English rock band–The Beatles. Its music is widely known as the soundtrack of the era, continuously influencing the musicians of today. But what motivated The Beatles to set them apart and flourish their songwriting gift? These four individuals illuminated through intense live sessions to play as one. They anticipated each other and developed an almost intuitive communication in their live sessions. 

In plain and simple terms, it was the magic of teamwork that furthered the Beatles’ musical chops and developed its potential. Throughout history, there have been various examples of teamwork where collaboration boosts productivity and efficiency. And with the advent of technological advancements, digital collaboration tools have brought teams together to collaborate in real-time conversations in an online workspace. 

If digital collaboration is the new normal, then having the proper knowledge of the best virtual collaboration tools is a prerequisite.

Hence, through this article, we explore the best tools that guarantee high-quality communication resulting in productivity.  


Slack is an exceptional communication platform where work flows between people, systems, partners, and customers. This chat platform connects your conversations with tools and services that you use to get your job done. Its unique features like ‘Do not Disturb’ mode allow people to work distraction-free.

Slack allows you to work easily with anyone by staying on the same page and making decisions more quickly. Its different features like Huddles and Clips give teams a digital-first way to solve problems and co-create in real-time. And by organizing according to every project, topic and team–the channels feature brings order and clarity to work. With this astounding feature, people can focus on the conversations that matter most. 


The Quip platform allows sales teams to accelerate their business and transform processes like Account Planning, Mutual Close Plans, and Qualification Notes. The portal reimagines the entire sales process with embedded documents, live Salesforce data, and built-in collaboration.  

The Quip Documents unite teams in one place and help members access the documents in offline mode without permission and showcase the version history. It also has other features like spreadsheets and other strategic sales documents that turn numbers into decisions. And one of the very top-notch features is the security of the data and applications. It guarantees a secure modern collaboration that has transformed the way enterprises work together. 


Famously known as the productivity powerhouse, the Trello platform is simple, flexible, and powerful. All that it requires is a list of who is doing what and what needs to be done. Its standout features like views, automation, templates, and integration help teams succeed and boost productivity. From initiating a project to its completion stage, the platform makes it easy to monitor every aspect of your project. 

Also, there is no need to start from scratch, trello gives a jumpstart to your workflow with a proven playbook designed for different teams. Having an option of customization, one can make their playbook that deems fit for their team. This kind of customized workflow is also expanded into integrations, butler automation, and Trello enterprise.  


While most of the work collaboration tools come with a price, surprisingly the Clockify tool is entirely FREE! This time-tracking software lets people track work hours across various projects. And as such portals are used by millions of people, it offers utilization to unlimited users. While one speaks about workplace collaboration, it is of utmost importance to manage time, and hence, this tool helps in timekeeping through timers, timesheets, calendars, auto trackers, and kiosks. 

The famously asked question is why it is better to have a time management tool when it comes to virtual collaboration in the workplace because it boosts productivity. Whereas, it also bills clients, manages teams, and also streamlines processes. 


This cloud-based communication software is widely used not just by businesses but also governments. The platform offers various services ranging from group messaging to video conferencing and virtual meeting spaces. With its potential to reimagine the workspace, engage new audiences and bring teams together, Zoom is on a mission to make communication frictionless and secure. 

Spread across the globe and in various verticals Zoom is proud in calling itself an intuitive, scalable, and secure choice for not just large enterprises but also small businesses and individuals alike.  

Wrapping Up

With offices being multinational and more employees working remotely, companies rely on online tools to help employees work collaboratively. And in such a scenario, if you are looking to take your business to the next level, team collaboration tools are a way forward. While having such dynamic tools at their disposal it is easier for employees to focus on their priorities whether it’s internal communication or building sheets for tracking the project status. This relates to the entire idea of a well-functioning team, which is why you should consider the above-mentioned workplace collaboration tools which can help your team overcome silos and help share their knowledge with their colleagues.

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