Top Employee Engagement Platform Rebrands as Inclusivv

Mission-driven engagement startup launches a new brand to create a more inclusive world one conversation at a time

Inclusivv, a platform enabling top brands, communities and individuals to ignite change through structured conversations, announces its newly rebranded name, website and logo. At a time when pressure continues to mount for organizations to create inclusive workplaces, the brand refresh highlights the company’s focus on creating a more inclusive and sustainable world and sets the stage for global expansion.

Founded in 2016, Inclusivv, previously Civic Dinners, was built to empower communities and organizations to gather people in person, share a meal, and have a powerful conversation on a topic they care deeply about. Inclusivv provided the tools needed to navigate challenging and important topics with confidence, helping to create real connection, understanding and find common ground.

Because of COVID-19, in-person dinners were canceled — but the value of a structured discussion on essential topics grew, as people craved connection. Organizations such as Coca-Cola, Facebook, Vanderbilt University, and Emory University are just a few enterprise, midmarket and higher education institutions that recently turned to Inclusivv to encourage productive discussion, drive positive change and create a more inclusive culture.

Inclusivv’s value proposition has always been about more than a shared meal. The company’s structured conversation guides have expanded beyond the civic realm — into social, environmental and well-being. Its proprietary SaaS platform provides the questions, prompts and action plans on specific topics so that participants know exactly how to engage in conversation, how to facilitate and how to build community, hope and action.

With several investors including Techstars, Atlanta Seed Company, The JumpFund and now Golden Seeds, a group seeking and funding high-potential, women-led businesses, Inclusivv is moving to a hybrid, recurring-revenue platform-based model buyers can implement as part of their DE&I, Learning and Development, or HR engagement programs.

Golden Seeds’ mission is to ensure women can access the capital they need to grow their companies,” said Susan Nethero, managing director and co-founder of the Atlanta Chapter, Golden Seeds. “We are proud to become an investor in Inclusivv, known as Civic Dinners, a company whose sole purpose is to bring people together on important issues of our time so everyone’s voice can be heard. We truly believe this company is poised for incredible success and the management is top-notch.”

Today, Inclusivv has connected people through conversation for 40+ brands, with more than 50 structured conversations designed using research and proven methodology. Conversation topics include Belonging, Allyship, Mental Health and Guts & Grace, to name a few. Over 20,000 guests in 82 countries have attended a conversation to date.

In 2020, Inclusivv worked with Coca-Cola to host important conversations around social justice issues and inclusivity. The series “Together We Must,” was designed to highlight the barriers of a truly inclusive society and to encourage people to listen, connect, and take action to achieve a more just world.

“The two “v’s” in “Inclusivv” signify the importance of bringing more voices to the conversation,” said Jenn Graham, Founder and CEO of Inclusivv. “We’re witnessing a shift in global consciousness. Customers, employees, vendors and even investors are asking more of companies when it comes to social and environmental justice. More people want to be part of creating a better world and with Inclusivv, leaders can invite their communities into structured conversations that allow everyone to have a voice and a role to play in co-creating a better future.”

Additionally, Inclusivv became a public benefit company, meaning they have over a dozen conversation topics available for the public to host for free with friends, neighbors and family. They provide everything you need to feel confident hosting a conversation and often host signature events around timely topics such as Sustainability and Climate Change coming up this summer.


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