COYO Acquires French Employee Engagement Platform Jubiwee

Recent acquisition marks both COYO’s expansion into the French market and the enhancement of COYO’s employee communications platform by Jubiwee’s powerful people analytics software and smart surveys.


COYO, the leading social intranet and employee communications platform, lands a coup with the acquisition of Paris-based people analytics platform Jubiwee. For the past 5 years Jubiwee has been doubling its operations and customer-base yearly. Over 40 French blue-chip companies use Jubiwee to assess staff motivation or to support transformation projects. In joining forces with Jubiwee, COYO accelerates its internationalization outside the DACH region and adds a critical toolkit to its digital workplace proposition.

Since the virus fast-tracked remote work, countless businesses have learned that their operational effectiveness in remote scenarios was heavily dependent on employee engagement. With Jubiwee’s engagement analytics tools and their own communications and intranet platform, COYO now brings a complete employee engagement offering to the market. Customers will be enabled to address the limitations of remote work and make it more successful for employers and employees alike.

To ensure continuity and stability both company- and product-wise, Thibaud Martin, co-founder of Jubiwee, will join the COYO management team. Jubiwee’s office in Paris will become COYO’s French head office. Jubiwee customers have already been informed that their product of choice will be continued and even enhanced.

With the ambition to build ‘sexy and engaging business software’, Hamburg-based tech entrepreneur Jan Marius Marquardt founded COYO in 2010. The current platform is a modern social intranet and employee app that empowers organizations to drive employee engagement and improve workplace culture. The platform has over 400 customers, serving more than 1 million end-users. Jan Marius Marquardt, founder and CEO of COYO, says: “I am beyond happy about joining forces with Jubiwee: It feels like the right step, pushing the company and product to the next level and accelerate our expansion to France, one of our priority markets. Beyond cool technology there is no better way to start building up a French presence than by teaming up with a French team that has already proven successful and shares our values. This addition is a next big step towards becoming the most widely adopted employee communications platform in the world.”

Both companies have European DNA, share the same culture and vision and are very product-focused: UX and UI are critical, while user adoption is above-market. Jubiwee’s tech and UX-centered product resonates strongly with COYO’s product philosophy. Jan Marius Marquardt explains: “A capable engagement analytics solution is instrumental in a truly 360° employee communications offering and will bring a lot of value to customers. The merger thus presents an excellent opportunity for both current German and French customers.”

Jubiwee was founded in 2016 by Thibaud Martin, Victor Mustar, and Antoine Bellion. The company offers a new generation engagement analytics platform with a user-centric approach to improve employee experience, reduce turnover and improve retention. Thibaud Martin, co-founder, and CEO of Jubiwee, explains: “The people analytics and overall employee engagement market has grown tremendously in recent months, partly due to the COVID-crisis. Also, customers have grown more mature and demanding. To capitalize on this shift, we decided to partner with a strong, renowned, and ambitious company that shares the same values: COYO. Joining forces with COYO is the best way to build a more comprehensive offer and accelerate at this crucial time.”

Both solutions will be continued in their current form and developed according to their respective roadmaps. Short-term ambitions include continuing Jubiwee’s growth in France, cross-selling respective solutions to existing customers and prospects as well as introducing the COYO offer in France. Mid and long-term ambitions include integrating both solutions to offer a complete employee engagement suite, enabling companies to communicate, and take the pulse of their coworkers in a modern, efficient and seamless way. Overall, the companies’ solutions are complementary and together present a strong offering, both in terms of depth and breadth. By adding two very competent best-of-breed solutions, COYO and Jubiwee are creating one extremely compelling suite.

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