The L&D Blueprint – Enter the Future of Learning & Development

iSpring and hrtech partner to launch an HR Guide to help L&D leaders prepare for the future of employee learning and development.

The L&D Blueprint

hrtech, the Singapore-headquartered HR Technology Analyst firm firm, announced the collaboration with iSpringfor the launch of an HR Guide titled, ‘The L&D Blueprint – Enter the Future of Learning & Development’ to address the need for agile, innovative and adaptive L&D solutions.

Despite ‘Future of Work’ being the top priority for 42% of HR leaders in 2023, 43% of them still don’t have a dedicated strategy. L&D managers need to identify and employ high-impact training and learning for employees to create a continuous learning culture and develop a future-ready workforce. This HR Guide advocates this notion and also highlights the emerging L&D trends and technologies.

The guide sheds light on the role that technology and innovation will play in progressively expanding the potential of eLearning. Modern and innovative technologies are changing the business landscape at an aggressive pace. Organizations need to keep up to stay relevant and progressive. One of the attractions of this HR Guide is the many potential use cases of AI in corporate learning and development.

The HR Guide then talks about the different challenges hindering the progress of the L&D function and also provides modernized L&D strategies for increasing adoption. Backed by research and statistics, this guide makes a strong case for the L&D function as the catalyst required for employee success and business growth.

HR leaders and L&D managers will also get access to A Winning L&D Blueprint for High-impact Learning. This blueprint template will help you effectively map out your L&D strategy. You will also get a better understanding of the must-have eLearning tools for your employee learning and development.

The last section of this HR Guide is dedicated to Learning Management Systems. Even if you are a business leader, CHRO, recruiter, L&D professional or even an employee, you will understand how an LMS can change the game for you. This HR Guide will be an acting guide for all the L&D leaders in identifying and choosing the best-fit LMS for their organization. The five-step methodology painted in this guide will help you skim through the hundreds of LMS providers available in the market and put your finger on the best one.

“We believe knowledge is power and enjoy learning and growing at iSpring. We inspire clients with our learning culture and help people outside the company find new professions in eLearning and instructional design. Our team of passionate tech geeks is constantly innovating to make our customers’ lives easier. Through this HR Guide, we wanted to convey that the future of work will require HR teams, particularly L&D Managers, to be agile, innovative, and adaptive. The hrtech team has thoroughly researched and helped us convey the exact message we wanted. This guide will help HR leaders and L&D managers to meet the evolving needs of their workforce.” Michael Keller, eLearning Officer at iSpring, confirms the impact of this HR Guide.

At hrtech, we always strive to promote innovative and user-friendly HR technologies. iSpring provides solutions that are not just path-breaking but also engaging and easy to understand. Employee learning is crucial for any organization’s growth. A business is as progressive as its employees. The role of learning technologies like LMS and authoring tools will help businesses stay ahead of the curve. This HR Guide will help businesses understand how they can level up with evolving times using smart learning solutions.” Sriram Iyer, Founder & CEO, hrtech, urges HR leaders to adopt modern learning solutions to stay ahead of the curve.

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