Bundle Launches New Capabilities For Virtual Employee Learning


These solutions provide employees with both in-depth and quick learning opportunities to sharpen skills and develop new areas of expertise tailored to the evolving world of work

Bundle, the all-in-one leading virtual solution for developing, retaining and engaging workforces – today announces the addition of a new set of solutions that will enhance virtual employee learning. Within the platform, Bundle is introducing two added resources, “learning journeys” and “micro-learning interactives,” enabling users to improve their skills swiftly as they unlock their potential and further thrive in their professional lives.

“In the era of layoffs, quiet quitting, quiet hiring, and the prioritization of employees’ growth and needs, professional growth and skills development is crucial for effective workforce planning and team restructuring. As companies continue offering flexible work plans with hybrid and remote models, Bundle is determined to meet employees’ evolving needs with both in-depth courses and quick skill refreshers,” says Kayla Lebovits, Bundle CEO and Founder. “We are constantly innovating the Bundle platform to make it the go-to resource for organizations looking to upskill their workforces.”

Learning Journeys
While employees often struggle to determine the right combination of coursework to develop expertise in a certain area, Bundle’s learning journeys break down the growth path into a consecutive series of four or more online sessions led by live topic experts. Members can log in and choose from a range of professional development or health and wellness learning journeys to master a particular topic, such as effective communication, recognizing bias, or maintaining center and focus. This structure lets users absorb knowledge in a systematic way, and ultimately improve performance and drive business outcomes.

Micro-learning Interactives
Everyone needs a skills refresher now and then, which is what Bundle’s interactive micro-learning resources provide with on-demand, five to ten minute exercises that practice and redevelop skills. After a live session, members are sent links to the corresponding micro-learning interactive to practice or refresh knowledge on specific concepts or topics, such as effective management skills, DEI training, and conflict resolution in the workplace.

“As employees work to improve their overall professional wellbeing, they are looking for just-in-time learning solutions that get them the results when they need it most. Bundle is a solution that evolves with our members’ needs, developing innovative experiences that make a real difference to employees and businesses,” adds Lebovits.

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