The Josh Bersin Academy Launches Unique Program

Acknowledging the radical change in work practices from COVID-19, The Remote Work Bootcamp provides a foundation for the processes, practices, and habits to facilitate the transition to remote work.

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The Josh Bersin Academy, the world’s first global professional development academy for HR, today announced the availability of its newest program, The Remote Work Bootcamp. The program, which is supplemented by 40 supporting resources and a community for sharing and collaboration, is designed to help HR professionals learn how to generate trust, build shared norms, foster collaboration among teams, and deal with the unique work/life balance challenges faced by many employees – all while working remotely hrtech news.

“We now know that remote work is here to stay, yet fewer than half of companies have clear policies and guidelines,” said Josh Bersin, global industry analyst and dean of the Josh Bersin Academy. “While most HR organizations have ‘playbooks’ for standard business situations – such as a merger, an acquisition, the opening of a new location, even a downsizing – this situation is unlike anything we’ve experienced before. HR professionals are now involved in tool selection, equipment allocation, policies and procedures, and the physical and mental health of employees talent management.

“The Josh Bersin Academy is committed to supporting the HR profession tackle the unprecedented short- and long-term challenges ahead of us. This program is the first part of a bigger initiative we will soon be launching focused on ‘The Big Reset’ of work,” said Bersin, who recently wrote “The Big Reset: Making Sense of the Coronavirus Crisis.”

Prior to the COVID-19 crisis, about 29 percent of employees regularly worked remotely, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Today that number is projected to double. In recent weeks, major companies, including Google, IBM, and Apple, have mandated working from home for most employees. However, it is estimated that up to 57% of companies have no clear policies for remote working.

The Remote Work Bootcamp program is cohort-based, with participants divided into teams for ongoing collaboration and information sharing. The online program runs for approximately five weeks and takes about two to three hours of total of time to complete. The program incorporates a rich combination of key ideas, exercises, video interviews, and challenges designed to promote discussion and sharing with fellow team members.

The program consists of five field manuals: Remote + HR, Tools + Rules, Space + Routine, Trust + Relationships. The program includes video interviews with leaders such as Rich Kaplan, general manager of employee experience and HR services for Microsoft; Kerry Rooks, chief human resources officer, Prudential Corporation Asia; and Gretchen Stroud, vice president of talent development, Hilton.

In addition, the program has 40 supplemental resources – covering topics such as working through conflicts remotely, crisis messaging, parenting hacks, and remote leadership. Members also have access to the Academy’s community, where professionals from around the world and across all industry segments can collaborate and share best practices.

Information on the Academy’s membership options for individuals, which start as low as $40 per month, can be found here, along with details on team and enterprise memberships. A version of the program designed specifically for employees is available from the Academy’s partner, Nomadic Learning, here.


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