TCP enhances integration between TimeClock Plus and Humanity

TCP Software's integrated time, attendance, and employee scheduling solutions improve payroll and scheduling accuracy, mitigate compliance risk, boost efficiencies, and offer standout employee experiences


TCP Software, a leader in time, attendance, and employee scheduling solutions, announced today an enhanced integration between two of their flagship platforms, TimeClock Plus and Humanity. The integration combines two leading solutions into one unified experience.

TimeClock Plus provides automated time and attendance with accurate calculations across nuanced payroll rules, highly flexible time collection, and robust leave management. Humanity provides dynamic employee scheduling with AI-powered forecasting, automated scheduling, and a top-rated mobile app with an intuitive UI. Together, they amplify TCP customers’ ability to improve payroll and scheduling accuracy, mitigate compliance risk, boost efficiencies, and offer standout employee experiences. The integration eliminates siloed systems and disjointed user experiences and enables employers to meet the modern workforce’s demand for streamlined mobile experiences. The integration also ensures data consistency across both platforms, providing managers and employees with convenient, streamlined access to time tracking and employee scheduling functions.

“As we’ve tested the TimeClock Plus and Humanity integration, I can predict a significant reduction in the need for double data entry,” said Tracey Mitchell, Operations Manager at Pacific Customs Brokers. “This will be instrumental in improving our data accuracy and efficiency. By linking time clock functions directly with employee scheduling, we will be able to eliminate many of the errors and inconsistencies that come with manual double work. It will streamline our processes by making our operational management more effective and less prone to errors.”

By leveraging the integration, organizations and their employees can:

  • Eliminate errors and remove dual-entry with time and attendance integrated with dynamic employee scheduling: The integration houses time tracking and employee scheduling efforts into a single, cohesive ecosystem. This synergy not only removes the need for repetitive data entry but also significantly reduces the likelihood of errors that stem from managing two separate systems.
  • Put time tracking and employee scheduling together at staff’s fingertips for anytime, anywhere access with the TCP Humanity app: The TCP Humanity app elevates employee experiences with an intuitive interface and mobile access for managing schedules and time tracking, fostering greater flexibility and job satisfaction. Beyond the ease of checking schedules and swapping shifts, employees can also clock in and out or switch job codes with ease.
  • Easily login and navigate between platforms: With a single account, users enjoy secure, hassle-free access to both systems without the need to juggle multiple login credentials. This allows for smooth transitions between Humanity and TimeClock Plus that feel seamless to the user.

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