Talent Outsourcing Provider AMS Partners with HRtech Platform WayUp

Platform helps build more diverse workforces faster

AMS (formerly Alexander Mann Solutions), a global provider of talent outsourcing and advisory services, announced today an exclusive partnership with WayUp, an HR tech platform that enables employers to recruit qualified and diverse early-career candidates. The strategic partnership will enable AMS clients to have unique access to the WayUp platform, which includes more than six million candidates from over 7,100 colleges and universities nationwide, with over 71% self-identifying as underrepresented minorities. Over the last seven years, candidates from the WayUp platform have been matched with roles in organizations such as Citi Group, Unilever and Johnson & Johnson.

“We’re thrilled to introduce WayUp’s innovative business model and technology solution to AMS clients as the latest development in our sourcing technology strategy. The company’s advanced data analytics and streamlined dashboards enable organizations to identify emerging-talent candidates that provide diverse perspectives, skills, experiences and roles to help our clients accelerate innovation and success,” said Jo-Ann Feely, Global Managing Director, Innovation, AMS. “WayUp’s platform gives AMS another opportunity to help companies respond to our dynamic marketplace by designing workforces built for change and finding diverse people with the right skills.”

The U.S. is facing a confluence of significant events as the public health crisis subsides, the economy improves and demand for talent grows. This provides an opportunity for companies to make a robust effort to deliver on the diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives they have either implemented or strengthened over the past year. Targeting the untapped emerging-talent pool, which had an unemployment rate of 10.1% last month compared to a 5.8% overall rate, is one way to bring more diversity into the recruiting process. Another is to commit to keeping qualified, underrepresented and recent college graduate candidates in the hiring funnel.

“Through this partnership, we are excited for AMS clients to gain unique access to our diverse user base,” said Liz Wessel, Co-founder and CEO at WayUp. “We know how much diversity and equity means to AMS, and we cannot wait to extend the WayUp product suite to both AMS and all of their client partners. I truly believe this will help more employers build a resilient workforce that can evolve and thrive under any circumstance.”

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