Talent Assessment Platform Bryq Launches AI-Powered Offering

New “Profile Prediction” tool analyzes job descriptions and predicts the most accurate indicators of job performance to match open roles with qualified candidates


Bryq, a bias-free hiring and talent assessment platform, launched today at the 2020 HR Technology Conference, a new Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered tool to help recruiters and hiring managers easily and efficiently identify candidates whose competencies align with the requirements for each role, while empowering companies to pursue their Diversity and Inclusion goals.

“Employers still face a lengthy – and often costly – hiring process to fill in-demand roles, while many qualified candidates are overlooked,” said Markellos Diorinos, CEO, Bryq. “At Bryq, we are enhancing our bias-free offering by using AI to identify the characteristics required to succeed in each role, and make the hiring process simpler and faster for companies looking for talent.”

The “Profile Prediction” tool uses AI to analyze job descriptions and predict the most accurate indicators of future job performance. This ensures higher correlation of the job profiles with the company’s requirements and ultimately leads to even better hires, while creating a more efficient and effective process for recruiters. Indicators used include:

  • Cognitive skills, such as attention to detail, and logical, numerical and verbal reasoning.
  • Personality traits, such as Dominance, Perfectionism and Social Boldness, among others.

“We spent over two years in the development of our AI, in order to ensure that we improve and accelerate the recruitment process without adding AI-driven bias.”, said Diorinos.

The tool also helps companies remove bias from the hiring process by focusing on candidates’ qualifications and fit for each role.

“Profile Prediction” further enhances Bryq’s science-backed, Software-as-a-Service platform that gives CEOs, HR professionals and hiring managers access to objective data about peoples’ skills and personality, helping them make better, faster, and bias-free hiring decisions.

A chatbot-based assessment with a short 20-minute time requirement, Bryq has an industry-leading 77% completion rate and a candidate satisfaction of over 82%, serving companies in over 15 countries.

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