Talent Acquisition Leader CEIPAL Partners with TextToHire

CEIPAL Launches New Partner Product, TextToHire, a completely Scalable SMS Platform for Recruitment & Staffing Professionals


An industry-leading talent acquisition automation platform, CEIPAL, today announced a new partnership with TextToHire, to provide its customers with a new enterprise texting platform for hiring & staffing professionals.

Completely scalable and integrating with any ATS or CRM, TextToHire integrates personalized messaging, real-time communication, and the power of automation. With a wide range of capabilities, incorporating built-in SMS outreach campaigns, instant data sharing, and automatic notifications & reminders, TextToHire helps recruiters in engaging with talent directly from their ATS, web browser, or mobile device.

The launch of TextToHire was announced by Sameer Penakalapati, CEO and Founder of CEIPAL, at its flagship event, CEIPAL Connect.

Penakalapati said that “Studies have shown text messages to have a response rate that’s more than double to that of the email, phone, or direct messaging and 85% of customers prefer texting to phone calls and emails. If you’re not moving recruitment strategy of your firm to meet the current shift toward texting, you’re missing out on a huge competitive advantage. It’s the future of our industry and we want to make sure that our customers are able to embrace that future.”

TextToHire is first partner product of CEIPAL. The platform offers text-enabled business phone numbers, personalized SMS templates, automatic SMS messages, and most notably, unlimited incoming messages at no additional cost. This pricing model is unique among industry SMS providers, who generally charge for both outgoing and incoming communications.

TextToHire offers 3 pricing options, all of which involve a free integration with the ATS of clients, the TextToHire web application, unlimited incoming text messages, and the TextToHire mobile application. The ‘starter’ option involves 500 messages, the ‘basic’ option includes 1,000 messages, and the ‘professional’ option includes 2,000 messages. These pricing packages are not subscription packages, which will provide the staffing company’s complete pricing flexibility.

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