Symphony Talent Launches Centralized Hybrid Event Management

Symphony Talent

Symphony Talent, a recruitment marketing technology company that helps recruitment teams automate tasks for efficiency and empower smarter candidate interactions, announced the launch of SmashFlyX Events. This new module centralizes, manages and automates virtual and in-person recruitment events and activities from pre-registration, during event activity through post-event follow-up, and ultimately, conversion to job applicants and hires.

With hybrid work options and COVID-19 fallout, employers can no longer rely on their event presence to be their differentiator. Instead, they need to be creating virtual and hybrid experiences and continued touchpoints to deliver their “why us” message. To appeal to top talent worldwide, talent marketing and human resource professionals are looking to recruitment marketing technology with a far reach without losing out on the human connection.

“Events have always been a powerful way to fuel talent pipelines quickly and also generate awareness for employer brands simultaneously,” said Roopesh Nair, President, and CEO of Symphony Talent. “But as the world shifts — through technology and workplace trends, we have to create event experiences that meet today’s expectations. This means designing a mix of virtual and in-person experiences that can work in tandem with our recruitment marketing platform.”

SmashFlyX Events uniquely enables organizations to cast the widest net, advertising the events across every channel of media, leveraging existing contacts in the CRM, and tying it all together with analytics. Bringing it into one platform allows users to leverage the automation and tools available in SmashFlyX and extend their existing communication technologies to seamlessly create interactive, virtual events.

Key features of SmashFlyX Events include:

  • Centralized Events Management in CRM: With SmashFlyX Events, adding a new event to your career website is as easy as adding a new job posting. With provided templates, employers can easily activate events to automatically publish to the Events section of their career website and create a folder in the CRM to begin promotion and registration.
  • Cast a Wider Net: Seamlessly invite internal contacts from within the CRM and reach new contacts with programmatic advertising, all within the SmashFlyX platform. Let AI liaise between the CRM goals and your ad spend strategy to save you time and money.
  • Tracking Registered Contacts: Contacts who register for events automatically route to the event folder. Users may also invite additional contacts to register for the event. Users can customize the registration flow to seamlessly collect candidate information in the SmashFlyX CRM and trigger workflows.
  • Qualify Event Participants at Scale: Option to leverage workflow automation and assessments within SmashFlyX to select skill-checking screeners, credentials and virtual interviews to associate with the event.
  • Remind and Follow Up: All engagement before, during and post-event is logged automatically into the SmashFlyX CRM. Engagement workflows are triggered to nurture candidates or schedule them automatically for interviews with hiring managers. With an omnichannel approach, users notify registrants of event details changes with templated email or SMS messages.
  • Nurture and Convert Leads Into Hires: Using campaigns and automation, promote job openings to event participants to fuel the talent pipeline and ultimately convert to hires.

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