SutiSoft’s Advanced HR Management Platform Transforms Talent Acquisition


SutiSoft continues to lead the way in providing trusted solutions to help organizations transform how they manage their workforce. Today, SutiSoft is excited to announce the integration of Checkr, the leading provider of compliant background checks for employers, and new features within SutiHR that streamline the recruitment process.

“Checkr integration will enable HR professionals to efficiently initiate the background check process from SutiHR,” said ND Reddy, CEO at SutiSoft.

With this new release, SutiHR continues to set its position as an industry leader in HR software, with features including:

Checkr Integration: HR Administrators can now run background checks for new hires directly from SutiHR’s applicant tracking system. Candidates will automatically receive a notification to submit information to Checkr and initiate the background check process. Once complete, results will automatically appear on the candidate’s profile in SutiHR.

Resume Parsing: The advanced resume parser automatically imports job applications into SutiHR, quickly identifying vital information such as candidate’s name, email, educational background, skills, and work experience. This information seamlessly aligns with designated fields within the application. HR Admins can also generate a report and view the number of resumes parsed within a specific period.

Merging New Hire Details: The solution sends email notifications to HR Admins about prospective new joiners, accompanied by a detailed report with their personal information. During onboarding, Admins can merge the new hire’s details and documents with an existing employee’s record if it is determined that the candidate already has an employee record in the system.

Letter Templates: SutiHR provides predefined templates for essential HR documents, including offer letters, employment contracts, termination notices, and more. HR administrators can utilize these templates to create documents with placeholders that automatically insert personalized details, such as employee names, addresses, dates, and other information drawn directly from personnel records.

Current and Authorized Work Locations: When a user attempts to clock in or out from an unauthorized location, the mobile app will now show their current location along with the authorized work location(s). Users can navigate to their authorized work location and submit their clock in or out entries.

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