SS&C Releases Interactive Dashboard

SS&C's BenefiX® simplifies the transmission of employee enrollment and eligibility data to insurance carriers

SS&C Technologies Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: SSNC) today announced the release of an interactive dashboard for its BenefiX® solution. BenefiX® is a cloud-based data exchange service that simplifies the transforming, translating, and transmitting of employee benefits data to insurance carriers and administrators.

The latest release of BenefiX® includes a dashboard that provides additional control over the enrollment and the eligibility file transmission process. The new features help employers address administrative gaps and mitigate liability. The dashboard also enables real-time insight into the status of files, including built-in notifications to direct attention to any processing exceptions.

“We were looking for a solution that could automate the creation and transfer of our benefit vendor files with minimal need for intervention and maintenance,” said Matt Miron, Manager of HR Technology at SI Group. “With BenefiX®, we have always enjoyed increased efficiency and accuracy, and we have been able to focus on value-added work. Now, with the addition of the dashboard, we have a consolidated, real-time view into the status of our carrier file processing.”

“The goal of BenefiX® is to bring transparency and ease into employee benefits integration processes,” said Grant Kreft, Vice President, Business Development at SS&C Technologies. “The new dashboard enables our clients to quickly simplify data integration, minimize mistakes and optimize their operation.”


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