Spot Introduces Powerful A.I. Tool to Help HR Leaders Fight Workplace Harassment and Discrimination

The A.I. chatbot, once available only to individuals, introduces a secure enterprise version


Today Spot, the A.I. chatbot used by employees to speak up about harassment and discrimination, announced its first enterprise-grade product designed for HR leaders. Previously, Spot was only available to individual users who wanted a safe, secure way to document their experiences at work. This enterprise version of Spot, currently being used in beta by organizations across several different industries, including fintech and government agencies, is a web application that allows HR leaders to fully manage and track all employee harassment and discrimination reports. The product allows HR leaders to follow up directly on anonymous reports—a feature unique to Spot—which makes it easier for HR to address issues without jeopardizing a victim’s safety or wellbeing.

Additionally, the new enterprise Spot product includes:

  • A 24/7 anonymous chatbot allowing employees to document inappropriate behavior
  • The ability to follow up with employees who report anonymously
  • A full dashboard with report tracking and comments
  • Security measures, including employee verification and two-factor authentication
  • A system for ensuring that every report is followed up on within 10 business days, increasing accountability

Spot’s foundation is in its science-driven approach, firmly rooted in best practices for interviewing people reporting important emotional events. Using A.I., Spot ensures that those who are reporting harassment or discrimination of any kind can recall their experiences clearly. This broad and intersectional approach to addressing harassment and discrimination of any kind encourages a diverse group of voices to be heard.

“Spot places companies in the best possible position to build a healthy work culture,” said Dr. Julia Shaw, cofounder of Spot. “By taking an evidence-based approach to help break down the barriers to reporting harassment and discrimination, Spot allows companies to provide timely, transparent, and unbiased responses and mitigate the negative consequences of harassment.”

For employees, using Spot starts by chatting with the bot to document the details of inappropriate behavior they’ve experienced or witnessed in the workplace. From there, employees receive a secure, timestamped PDF report and can decide if they would like to keep it for their private records, submit that report to HR, or save it to submit at a later date. Employees can also choose to either use their name or remain anonymous.

For HR leaders, administrators using their Spot enterprise account can view all employee-filed reports in a comprehensive dashboard. From there, they can track and comment on reports and send follow-up questions directly to the employee, even if a report is anonymous. Administrative users can also receive email and Slack notifications about new reports and export data as securely signed, timestamped PDFs.

Spot for individuals is free to use and can be found at For more information about the new enterprise-grade Spot for your organization, visit

Spot, an All Turtles product, is an A.I. chatbot used by employees to speak up about harassment and discrimination. The product was created in early 2018 by cofounders Dr. Julia Shaw, Dylan Marriott, Daniel Nicolae in partnership with Jessica Collier, who serves as VP of Product at All Turtles. Spot’s mission is to use A.I. to help employees who have experienced harassment and discrimination better recall and report their experiences, leading to more complete resolution of issues and an increase in workplace accountability. The company is internationally based, with two cofounders in Berlin, one in London, and other team members in San Francisco as part of All Turtles.

on behalf of All Turtles
Lauren O’Mahony


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