Skyline Group Launches Revolutionary Technology That Better Manages Leadership

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Leadership coaching continues to grow beyond an estimated $2 billion-sized industry. As companies continue to invest in leadership coaching, the need to manage and measure coaching’s impact is critical. Continuing SkylineG’s mission to provide the most comprehensive and measurable leadership coaching programs, SkylineG’s scalable leadership coaching technology, C4X, now makes it possible for companies to manage coaching programs end-to-end, track the investment they make in leadership coaching, and for the first time, measure impact hrtech news.

“Based on best practices from our Coaching Scaled (CS) programs, we have brought to the world of Executive Coaching the ability to not only better track coaching engagements, but to also measure skill development and impact to organizations.

This is a transformative tool for HR and Learning and Development professionals who are responsible for managing and showing the impact of leadership coaching in their companies.” shares Thuy Sindell, Skyline Group’s Coaching Practice Leader people analytics.

“Skyline was the first to bring leadership coaching technology to the market in 2012 and we are excited that we continue to lead the industry by bringing innovation and results-driven products to our customers. With our new ECX product, we are now taking executive coaching to the next level.” Thuy continues hrtech.

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