Skillsoft announced new enhancements to Codecademy

AI-powered enhancements accelerate technology skills development for learners and organizations


Skillsoft, a leading platform for transformative learning experiences, announced new enhancements to its technology skilling solution, Codecademy. With deeper integration of generative AI (GenAI) into Codecademy, Skillsoft is providing a highly interactive and immersive learning experience to help organizations and learners build critical technology skills and succeed in the new era of AI.

“The proliferation of GenAI tools in the workplace is reshaping the demand for skills and talent. We’re critically focused on equipping workers with the learning opportunities required to harness emerging technologies so that they can thrive in the face of change at any point in their career,” said Kunal Ahuja, General Manager, Skillsoft’s Codecademy consumer business. “By combining our experience and expertise in interactive coding education with the power of GenAI, we’re re-writing the playbook for technology skills training and helping to enable future success for every learner and organization.”

Codecademy’s new AI-powered capabilities elevate its interactive-first approach to skilling and help learners increase comprehension, practice and apply skills in simulated work environments, and tackle complex programming problems with greater confidence and efficiency. The enhancements include:

  • Prompt engineering functionality. By accessing ChatGPT directly within Codecademy, learners can gain hands-on experience using GenAI tools as part of the programming workflow and build critical AI-related skills.
  • Code explanations and project hints. AI-powered coding assistance and an intelligent hint system provide learners with customized and contextualized information based on the state of their code to accelerate projects and improve debugging skills.
  • Mock interview simulator. Building on the company’s GPT-4 powered job-readiness checker, forthcoming mock interviews will help learners strengthen communication skills and prepare for technical interviews to land a new role.
  • Virtual coding assistant. Real-time feedback and custom guidance bring increased interactivity and personalization to learning journeys.

Codecademy is also delivering an expanded curricula to meet the growing demand for AI skills. This includes career-based prompt engineering courses such as “Prompt Engineering for Software Engineers” and “Prompt Engineering for Marketers,” as well as courses educating learners how to write, test, and refine AI prompts. The enhanced curricula will allow learners to better understand comprehensive GenAI concepts and incorporate the technology into their workflows to drive growth for themselves and their organizations.

“I know I wouldn’t be as far in my career without Codecademy, both before getting into tech and continuing to use it on-the-job. From DevOps to cybersecurity to new programming languages and frameworks, Codecademy has consistently helped me learn about new technologies and take on more complex concepts required at work,” said Pj Metz, Education Community Manager, GitHub. “Codecademy’s combination of quizzes, projects, and lessons allow for hands-on learning and immediate practice, helping me build and retain these critical skills.”

Over the last six months, Skillsoft has released several innovative enhancements for customers to accelerate and achieve their learning objectives. Last fall, the company unveiled CAISY™ (Conversation AI Simulator), an AI-powered coach that empowers employees to build and refine leadership and risk management skills. Skillsoft also released dozens of AI and GenAI courses, Aspire Journeys, and Skill Benchmarks, which cover topics ranging from large language models to ethics to prompt engineering.

The new Codecademy learning experiences are rolling out to Codecademy Plus and Pro users and will be available for enterprise customers in the coming months.


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