SHRM, the Society of Human Resource Management is introducing a new multipronged initiative aimed at eliminating workplace racial inequality, Together Forward @Work. The global HR firm has also rolled out a new research report named Together Forward @Work: The Journey to Equity and Inclusion along with a TV commercial for the purpose of drawing attention to racism and social injustice at workplaces.

Johnny C. Taylor, Jr. SHRM-SCP, CEO, and President at SHRM stated that the vision of the organization is to create a cross-functional and multifaceted platform that is not only bold in its accountabilities but also harnesses resources from outside of and within SHRM. The organization starts this with an initial focus on the particular racial injustices for Black Americans in their places of work.

Taylor stated that they possess the ability as well as the obligation of utilizing their professional expertise for solving an imperative workplace equality crisis in the States. While there are companies that excel in this particular arena, everybody can be bold enough for broadening their commitments, creating lasting, real, and measurable impacts, and calling for accountabilities. The organization in this substantial way demonstrates the strength of HR along with elevating perceptions of the value being brought to the firms served by them. Talent Management requires racial equality.

This online platform will be inclusive of tools such as conversation started, learning resources, forums for collaborations, and an episode of Tune in Tuesdays. SHRM has plans of expanding its existing efforts for focusing on racism at work such as Workplace Convos & Coffee.

Blue Ribbon Commission will oversee Together Forward @Work.

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