1E Announces Comprehensive Solution for Microsoft Intune

New solution helps IT teams maximize the value of their Microsoft Intune investment


1E, a Digital Employee Experience (DEX) platform leader, today announced the launch of 1E for Microsoft Intune. This new solution arms IT organizations with granular control and real-time actions for efficient targeting of deployments, maintenance of a standardized baseline, and continuous compliance monitoring.

“Now more than ever, organizations need to maximize the value of their investments by fully leveraging their capabilities,” said Mark Banfield, CEO of 1E. “With 1E for Microsoft Intune, organizations can do just that. Today we’re excited to launch a valuable capability to help organizations get even more from their Microsoft investment.”

With 1E for Microsoft Intune, organizations have more than 50 pre-built automations, last-mile patching, and inventory normalization capabilities that provide numerous benefits including:

  • Real-time visibility: Address critical situations in real-time by maintaining always-on communication with clients. Administrators will know immediately if anything changes on a device, whether accidentally or deliberately.
  • Granular control: Meet diverse compliance requirements efficiently by targeting deployment to specific groups. See that all patches and updates have been deployed successfully and get a clear view of client health.
  • Real-time policy control: Push changes and updates in real-time before anything goes wrong, with immediate verification that they have deployed successfully on every device. Settings on devices that are not connected to the network are brought into compliance automatically on reconnection.
  • Patching and remediation: Visualize the detailed patch status of the entire device environment, identify and close blind spots, and ensure success on patching and remediation.

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