Showcare Wins 2021 Mindcurrent Award for Employee Performance

Employee Performance

Individual and corporate winners demonstrated resilience while prioritizing physical, mental, and social health across their teams

Mindcurrent, the employee performance platform built on wellbeing, announced their 2021 selection for Mindcurrent Award winners. Nine individuals and one midsize company were selected for their commitment to physical, mental, and social health across their teams.

Leveraging data for sleep, nutrition, movement, and behavioral feedback, Mindcurrent provides daily support for remote employees. Over the past year, award winners demonstrated persistence through personal and professional adversity, with notable growth in self-awareness, focus, motivation, and emotional intelligence.

“The team at Showcare has shown extraordinary resilience, compassion, and authenticity as they navigated the devastating economic effects of the pandemic across the events industry. Their growth, guidance, and leadership for their customers is built on extraordinary teamwork,” said Mindcurrent CEO Sourabh Kothari.

“Mindcurrent has been an extraordinary partner for us, supporting the mental health and motivation of our remote team. Their anonymized employee wellness insights have helped us understand when team members are stressed and how we can help them. With Mindcurrent, our team is able to prioritize their mental health, better support one another, and ultimately feel more connected,” said Showcare President Amilie Parent.

Seven women and two men across North America and Europe won individual 2021 Mindcurrent Awards. Winners included software engineers, sales professionals, and customer success team members.

“Some of these individuals have overcome great adversity and personal loss in the past year with remarkable resilience. Their commitment to their physical, mental, and social health is exemplary, and has benefitted their families and teams tremendously. These are the people that keep their teams together, define their company’s culture, and support their communities,” said Mindcurrent Chief Psychology Officer Dr. Drew Brazier.

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