SHL Redefines Shaping of Talent Management Strategies

Human Resource Leaders

Human Resource Leaders Around The World Are Using SHL’s Talent Management Solutions To Build Agile Workforces That Help Businesses Succeed In An Unpredictable Environment

SHL, the market leader in talent innovation, is redefining the way organizations shape their Talent Management strategy amid the COVID-19 pandemic, to build genuinely inclusive, healthy, productive and therefore more sustainable organizations.

The current environment has forced business leaders and individuals to evolve their roles and focus on an ever-changing ecosystem for talent management. Roles have been redefined due to redundancies, furloughs and fluctuating business needs, making it even more important than ever to establish an agile workforce, ready to meet needs as they arise. In this new world, understanding the talent, abilities and potential of everyone is key.

The concept of work-life balance has been radically disrupted by the events of 2020. And while the world will never return to its previous “normal,” there is an opportunity for this difficult experience to act as a catalyst for positive progress and change.

By leveraging SHL’s powerful people analytics capabilities, business leaders can truly understand the potential of their existing workforce and utilize the talent that may be hidden due to bias or perception. Revealing these hidden gems paves the path to maximizing the potential of each individual as well as the business itself.

“HR processes must facilitate an objective understanding of the current and future capabilities of the entire workforce and build a bustling internal talent marketplace,” said Andy Bradshaw, SHL CEO. “Talent management is becoming individually owned and HR-enabled, and we must shift our approach to ensure the optimal dynamics for learning, growth and continuous transformation.”

To that end, SHL has over the past several years developed an agile, purpose- and insight-driven talent management solution set and many customers have taken significant steps toward building a robust internal talent marketplace. There is a real opportunity to increase this impact and to forge the way for individuals and organizations to thrive in a new digital, ever-changing, yet deeply human world.

SHL’s talent management solution leverages its scientifically substantiated 27 contextual challenges that identify whom to mobilize to fill critical positions immediately as well as to isolate potential gaps in experience or ability.

SHL has released several resources for companies to embrace reinvention and transformation in talent management, including a webinar and whitepaper. Learn more on

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