Salary Finance Adds SpringFour To Its Financial Wellness Benefits Platform

Addition enables people experiencing financial hardship to get real-time guidance on local resources and services that provide assistance during the COVID-19 health crisis

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Salary Finance, the leading global provider of financial education and salary-linked benefits for employees, announced today that it has added SpringFour, an award-winning social impact fintech company, to its platform. With the addition of SpringFour, Salary Finance is able to provide free referrals to local financial resources for customers experiencing financial hardship during the COVID-19 health crisis and beyond. Referrals to local non-profit or government resources, which will be provided through Salary Finance’s customer support team, are customized to the needs of each person hrtech news.

“We are experiencing unprecedented times around the world,” said Dan Macklin, CEO, Salary Finance. “With many people experiencing financial uncertainty and hardship, we are relieved to know that, through SpringFour, we are still able to provide additional services to people in need. In our recent study of nearly 3,000 US workers, we found that more than 40 percent were dealing with financial stress – a percentage that has undoubtedly increased since the beginning of the health crisis and the economic fallout we are currently living through. While affordable credit access is not as easy to come by in a down economy, we want to ensure that every Salary Finance customer is able to make strides toward financial dignity.”

SpringFour’s S4pro technology provides easy access to local financial resources that Salary Finance customer service agents can share with consumers who need financial assistance. The cloud-based tool enables Salary Finance to provide customized service and referrals with real-time access to thousands of local resources for employees of partnered employers who are experiencing financial hardship. Employees can contact Salary Finance’s customer service team to discuss options they have for financial relief and are provided with a list of resources that have been vetted by SpringFour. Last year alone, SpringFour saved referral customers thousands of dollars each in areas like prescription medication, utility bills, and groceries hrtech.

“These are uncertain times and the financially vulnerable population in the United States is growing. In partnering with Salary Finance, we have an enormous opportunity to make a positive impact on people’s lives and ease the financial stress they are feeling,” said Rochelle Nawrocki Gorey, co-founder and CEO, SpringFour.


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