Experian earns HR Tech Award from Lighthouse Research & Advisory

Industry recognition spotlights Experian Employer Services' innovative employment verification fulfillment solution


In recognition of Experian Employer Services’ commitment to providing employers across the country with best-in-class solutions to serve their employees, the company was presented with a 2024 HR Tech Award from Lighthouse Research & Advisory for its income and employment verification fulfillment solution. Experian’s product was recognized as the Best Comprehensive Solution for its ability to solve for problems facing employers in today’s environment.

“As employees are moving through life’s biggest moments, it is crucial they can do so without roadblocks,” said Merideth Wilson, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Experian Employer Services. “Our solution makes income and employment verification simpler and more secure than ever, and this award from Lighthouse Research & Advisory is a testament to our dedication to providing employers with the innovative technology they need to meet the needs of their employees.”

Experian’s Verification Fulfillment solution helps provide employers and employees with accurate, secure and fast employment verification fulfillment. During meaningful financial moments, from purchasing a new home, leasing a new vehicle, renting an apartment, or requesting assistance of social service programs, Experian’s solution is helping remove the burdens placed on HR and payroll teams. Notably, Experian’s solution eliminates the need for employers to manually fulfill inquiries on their employees’ behalf and empowers employees to take a hands-on approach to verifying their income and employment information.

“Employees are more than their job titles. They are consumers, family members, and more. When their employers offer them tools that make their life outside work easier, it benefits both the individual and the company,” said Ben Eubanks, Chief Research Officer, Lighthouse Research & Advisory. “Not only that, but providers like Experian Employer Services give companies a competitive advantage, helping them verify worker employment, complete I-9 documents rapidly, manage hiring-related tax credits, and more. It’s a win for everyone involved.”

Experian launched its Employer Services business for employers seeking a better service experience for themselves and their employees. The business offers critical solutions HR & payroll and tax professionals count on, including:

  • Employment and income verification fulfillment
  • Unemployment management
  • Tax credits
  • ACA reporting
  • I-9 management
  • Compliance library
  • Tax withholding
  • Tax statements
  • Pay statements
  • Employment tax

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