Sageful AI Debuts to Revolutionize Corporate Learning and Training

Company successfully closes Seed financing round in conjunction with launch


After a year of dedicated development and refinement in stealth mode, Sageful AI is proud to announce the official launch of its groundbreaking AI-driven learning platform, Sagey.

Today marks a significant milestone as Sageful AI moves out of beta and becomes widely available, promising to transform the corporate learning environment with more accessible, personalized coaching that bridges the learning-doing gap for the 340 billion-dollar training industry. Josh Bersin, Global Industry Analyst, recently wrote “AI, as many of you can imagine, is about to flip this industry on its head,” in an article about Corporate Learning being poised for disruption.

“Our team has been passionately building Sageful’s capabilities, focusing on creating a more natural conversational experience that leverages AI to genuinely benefit people at work,” said Drew Batshaw, Co-founder and CTO of Sageful AI. “As we transition out of beta, we’re excited to bring Sageful to a broader audience, making effective, personalized coaching more accessible and helping individuals thrive in their professional environments.”

Michael Papay, CEO of Sageful AI, added, “Today is about celebrating our transition from an idea in incubation to a robust platform ready to empower workforces worldwide. Our strategic partnerships with leading training organizations like the Tyson Group, Yellow Edge, and YOL, enrich our offering, ensuring that our clients receive unparalleled support in implementing lasting behavioral change.”

In conjunction with today’s launch, Sageful AI also successfully closed its Seed funding round led by Marin Sonoma Impact Ventures (MSIV). “MSIV was excited to lead this round and align efforts to build a world-class organization right here in Marin County. We believe co-founders Michael Papay and Drew Batshaw and the Sageful team are well-positioned to take advantage of the significant transformation taking place right now in the training and development space,” said Zachary Kushel, Founder & Managing Partner at Marin Sonoma Impact Ventures. This round also includes a group of strategic investors whose involvement is poised to significantly advance the company’s trajectory.

Strategic investors and industry experts supporting Sageful AI’s growth include Lance Tyson from Tyson Group who will provide sales training marketplace insights, Andrew Simon from Yellow Edge who will advise on leadership development program integration, Dan Denison from Denison Consulting will bring corporate culture thought leadership, Joe Abrams formerly from Software Toolworks and Myspace will share strategic organizational guidance, and Victoria Hughes, Chief People Officer from Forge Global, will offer practical talent development and HR insights. Collectively, they bring a wealth of expertise to shape the positioning, propel the growth of the organization, and provide critical insights to aid Sageful AI’s innovative contribution to the corporate learning sector.

Andrew Simon, Founder and Co-CEO of Yellow Edge shared, “Sagey ensures accessible coaching for underserved employees supporting individual development at every level of an organization. We couldn’t be more excited to offer this ‘always on’ benefit to our clients.”

Lance Tyson, Founder and CEO of Tyson Group stated simply, “Sagey ensures knowledge is not just transferred during formal training sessions but that employees can apply what they’ve learned effectively in real-world scenarios. This tool is a game-changer.”

As Sageful AI embarks on this exciting new chapter, the company remains committed to expanding its reach and impact in the corporate learning sector. Future plans involve continuing to forge partnerships with world-class training and development providers while delivering best-in-class reports to help demonstrate the impact of their Training and Development solutions.

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