SkillCycle leverages AI to streamline performance, talent development

Recent developments in AI fuel how SkillCycle is evolving and optimizing everything on the platform to make work more human.


SkillCycle Inc. is leveraging AI in its first-of-its-kind platform to help employees, managers, and companies take back the weeks and months wasted on inefficient performance management and talent development initiatives. Yet the new technology keeps the company grounded in its values — empowering work to be more human.

“Ironically, innovating our platform with AI helps remove the barriers that keep us from bringing our best selves to work,” said Kristy McCann Flynn, Co-founder and CEO of SkillCycle. “And now, the usual processes that perpetuate biases can be more objective and fair for everyone.”

Integrating AI technology into the platform will automatically streamline two time-consuming and stressful processes — performance management and talent development. Automated performance reviews make feedback actionable year-round and save companies an average of 98 hours per manager per review cycle.

The results of evergreen performance cycles are individualized development plans supported by best-in-class coaching to break down the barriers between review and action.

“We’re all change managers now, and people leaders have more on their plate than ever before,” said Jeff Reid, COO and CPO of SkillCycle. “We set our sights on making the ROI of our platform improved performance on individual and company levels. The best way to do that is to leverage technology to handle as much busy work as possible so we can be more focused and human at work.”

While the ROI on recovered productivity time is quantifiable and immediately realized, a more focused approach to personalized development drives the retention of top talent. Combined with 1:1 coaching to make goals more transparent and accountable, customers are doing more with less every day.

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