RoboMQ adds Paycom HCM to Hire2Retire

RoboMQ customers can now integrate Paycom HCM to Active Directory (AD) or Azure AD for employee on-boarding and identity provisioning on a self-service, no-code automation product with intuitive UX, and advanced analytics.


RoboMQ, a leading Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) and business process automation company, announced the addition of Paycom HCM to its leading Employee Lifecycle and Identity Provisioning product, Hire2Retire.

Hire2Retire fully automates the manual process of creating employee accounts and granting access to applications and systems upon employee onboarding and removes such accounts and access upon termination. This automated business process runs on autopilot, saving the cost of highly skilled sysadmins doing this repetitive mundane task. Most customers can cut down the cost of employee access provisioning by 75% to 90%.

Hire2Retire product has been offered to customers for over five years and solves a common data integration pain between HCM systems like Workday, ADP, UKGPro, SuccessFactors, Ceridian, BambooHR, Infor HCM, Oracle HCM, etc., and the Active Directory (AD) and Azure AD. With this upgrade, there now is support for Paycom HCM.

Commenting on this release, Bramh Gupta, CEO of RoboMQ, said, “We are seeing increased demand for such automation from small to medium organizations given current labor shortage and increased cost of sysadmin resources. The addition of Paycom HCM to Hire2Retire will provide cost savings to thousands of Paycom customers.”

RoboMQ’s Hire2Retire handles hundreds and thousands of employee identities today. Customers use Hire2Retire to reduce the cost of creating and managing employee accounts in AD often done by costly sysadmin resources using tedious and cumbersome service tickets. RoboMQ ensures employee profiles are created in AD, Azure AD, and identity systems in near real-time, ensuring employees have the right access and privilege when they start their new job. This integration ensures employees get a superior “First Day at Work” experience so critical to businesses in today’s world of labor shortage and the great resignation.

Similarly, upon termination, the employee access is removed in near real time, making sure the terminated employees do not walk away with privileged access, preventing data security and reputation risks.

Over the years, RoboMQ has seen greater adoption of solutions like Hire2Retire with an increased focus on data security given recent breaches, and the desire to provide superior employee experience by enabling them with the right tools, privileges, and technologies on day one. Hire2Retire is widely used by customers in healthcare, finance, insurance & banking, retail, hospitality, food and beverages, manufacturing, and CPG industries.

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