Resolute released proprietary research


Resolute, a public relations and marketing agency specializing in workforce recruitment and retention, recently released proprietary research that reveals key marketing strategies for human resource departments.

“Our goal in conducting this research was to help clients recruit and retain employees. In the last year, we’ve worked with many organizations who have been scratching their heads as to which benefits actually matter to potential employees,” said Resolute CEO Nicole Morgan. “As we move into a potential recession, we predict employers will need to shift their focus from hiring to retaining top talent who might easily be spooked by fluctuations in the market.”

The study surveyed employed and unemployed workers primarily in the retail, hospitality, construction and healthcare industries. Among its findings, Resolute reports employees strongly value transparency and a strong company culture. In identifying factors that were “very important” elements of a job, 57% of respondents cited job security and clear expectations. In addition, over half of those surveyed identified a caring environment, feeling appreciated and a friendly work culture as crucial.

“The reality is workforce recruitment and retention are no longer just HR functions. The companies who are doing this well recognize it is also a public relations and marketing issue,” said Morgan. “Companies must get all of these voices to the table if they want to have the talent required to sustain their growth.”

To help employers make an impact on workforce efforts, Resolute shares 3 tips to optimize marketing efforts when attracting and retaining key talent.

  1. Focus on your audience – Who are you trying to hire? What is most important to them? This should lead your marketing message.
  2. Let your company culture shine – Ask employees what they value about their work environment and lean into those benefits as you look to grow and retain your team.
  3. Audit your hiring materials – What will a potential employee see when they research your organization? Does the brand and the job description reflect your key hiring messages?

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